Sunday, February 07, 2010

Delray Beach Milagro 5k Race Results

So I ran another 5k, the Milagro Run for Miracles 5k in Delray Beach. I ran much better (in terms of pace and overall consistency) than I did two weeks ago in the Boca Torch 5k. My time improved to 22:43 and I came in at 24 of a couple hundred runners. For some reason, the Milagro 5k results still aren't posted. Stay tuned for thr 5k results. The Milagro Race results are now posted -

Division Place 6

Scott Roy
Delray Beach FL
Bib Number -136
Age - 34
Overall - 24
Race Time - 22:43.5
Race Pace - 7:20/M

Monday, January 25, 2010

Boca Christian Torch 5k Results

So in my first race since the 2005 Philadelphia Marathon. Accuchip timing email said:

Your overall finish place was 34 and your age group finish place was 1. Your overall finish percentile was 26 while your age group percentile was 25. Your time of 23:34.6 gave you a 7:36 pace per mile.

I am proud to have won my division, but dissapointed with my time. I just really started running again in January and I am glad to have gotten back into running races. I hope to see many more 5ks before the summer here in South Florida returns.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boca Christian Torch Run - 5k, Jan 23rd

So I have just entered my first race since the 2005 Philadelphia Marathon. I will be running the Boca Christian Torch Run on January 23rd in Boca Raton, Florida. Here's to nothing!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Running on Sand to Running in Snow

So I am way used to running in the sand, but I am currently in the air (free wifi from Delta, woot woot) on my way from West Palm Beach to the Berkshires in Massachusetts, so it looks like I am going to get some running in the snow. Sounds like fun to me. 85 degrees and humid to 30 degrees and icy. Hoping to avoid injuries and anxious for those burning lungs and runny nose!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Tips for Running on the Beach - 4 Runs of 3 miles last week

Got in 4 nice runs ranging from 3 to 4 miles last week. Mostly running up and down Boynton Beach at the shoreline. Many stops to pick up sea glass. Total multitasking, combining my loves of running and sea glass collecting! I love running on the beach, although it cab actually be tougher than running on pavement, especially if you're running on the dry sand. But being able to jump in the water after you're finished with your run makes it worth your effort. Here are some tips for running on the beach:

Start on wet sand. If you're new to beach running, start out on wet, firm sand -- it's much easier to run on than the soft, dry sand. You can slowly add 2 or 3-minute intervals on the softer sand, with longer recoveries on the wet sand. As you get used to the dry sand, you can start running on it for longer stretches. Find those inbetween spots where the surface and sand consistencies change and its like running on different beaches

Stick to flat ground. Avoid running along a beach that's sloped because it can lead to injuries in your knees and ankles. My knees have been killing me if I end up running on the slopes

Ease into barefoot running. Barefoot running is a greatway to build up strength in your feet. But because we're used to wearing shoes all the time, our feet are not nearly as strong as they could be. If you start running barefoot on the beach too fast or too frequently, you could injure yourself. Begin with short runs -- just 15 minutes or so -- to build up some strength in your feet. And, of course, watch out for broken glass and shells (if you see broken sea glass, send it right to me.

Anyways, that's what I'm up to. Time to go run ON THE BEACH!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Running in the Rain

Put in a couple of nice runs in the rain lately. Running in the rain here in Florida was the only way to run this week. I find it somewhat refreshing though and put in 3 runs totalling about 6 miles...7 minute pace average

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Loving the Beach Life - Running in Ocean Ridge, Florida

3 nice runs in 4 days mixed in with some bike riding. Once again I proclaim that I am back and a runner. Did a 6:30 mile the other day, ran 2.22 at 7:34 on Friday and then ran from Ocean Ridge (Briny Breeze) to Two Georges and back.....about 4 miles at a blistering pace this morning. I have enjoyed running along A1A in Ocean Ridge, and its refreshing to share it with the cyclists. My home is right near a stretch of a1a that is very popular with the road bikers. Also love running on old ocean drive with an unbelievable view of the perfectly blue waters of the Boynton Beach and Delray Beach shores. Loving it. Got caught in a terrential downpour running with Sarah today and it was a blast.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Solid Workout

I was just slightly sore following a nice 2-1 soccer victory last night. Ok...way more than slightly. 12 minutes on the cross trainer (level 14 out of 20) got me warmed up. My mind forgot to tell my body that is 33 and not 23. As a result I put in a ton of effort and feel like I had a solid game. Hit the gym tonight for some shoulders (shoulder presses, front and lateral shoulder raises, shrugs). Worked in some abs. Then hit up some chest on the fly machine. Solid workout, but not as good as the previous few.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Circuit Again

Half mile on the treadmill (late night trip and time limits) and then an intense circuit workout. 20 stations....60 seconds of green lights, 15 of red. 10 stations and 10 step-boxes. Several legs, back, shoulders, arms machines. On the step boxes we alternated speed/footwork, lunges, squats, calves, etc. Ass kicking workout that had me about to puke. Lots in my head and it helped to push it out for a bit.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Workout Today

I was ready for the gym from the moment I woke up today. Had to wait until 7:30. We did 14 minutes on the cross-trainer (1.55 miles).

Bench - 4 sets
15 x 135
10 x 145
6 x 155
7 x 145
My 6 months out of the gym and my almost 34 years of age is most apparent on the bench. It is so aggravating knowing that I used to warm up with 150 and max out at 22o. I bet I could put up my body weight once....and I woulden't risk too much on that. It's aggravating, yet motivating.

We moved on to military presses, supersetted with dual-axis pulldowns.

15 x 60 (behind head)
12 x 70 (behind head)
12 x 70 (to chest)

Pull Downs
12 x (100)
10 x (115)
10 x (100)

Next did two sets of tricep extensions laying on back
12 x 20 lb dumbbells
12 x 20 lb dumblells supersetted with narrow grip presses

Finished up with two sets of shrugs. 55 lb dumbells, moving up to 60.

Could barely drive home after. Had a smoothie with fruit and muscle milk and did up some chicken and peas. Time for a Natty light!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

so it was soccer and not the gym

Ahh, Super Sarah had a nice clearance over someone's head and landed it right on my foot in stride. I took two dribbles and realized that the net was empty and was able to send what was really a long pass 50 yards into an empty net. Good workout and felt great to be back on the soccer field at Ward Park in Winter Park. Hopefully we can make it back to the championship and take it home this season.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Do I smell a trend

Yeah, I worked out 4 days in a row.

40 minute workout.

3 sets
15 x 135
10 x 145
6 x 145

alternated with seated ros, 3 sets of 12 at 135

Then did shoulder's...front lifts 15 x 15's/20's supersets with biceps, 15x30 then work up and did them with 25's. Did another set with cables.

Then did a couple sets of lunges with 20's mixed with abs. Gym was crowded so I worked in triceps on the ropes.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tough Circuit Workout

So after a 7am to 7pm day of work (round trip to south florida included), I rested up for an hour and then hit the gym. We did a 10 minute intense cross-training (late night trip and time limits) and decided to do a circuit workout. 20 stations....60 seconds of green lights, 15 of red. 10 stations and 10 step-boxes. Several legs, back, shoulders, arms machines. On the step boxes we alternated speed/footwork, lunges, squats, calves, etc. Definitely drained after a well-rounded workout!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Old Blog, New Life- More Workouts and Running

So Scott Roy is back. This blog is going to take on a bit of a new life as I chronicle my workouts, both at the gym and on the road, in an effort to drag my almost 34 year old body back into shape. Crohn's Disease be damned, I have worked out the past two nights and will not let that or anything else beat me.

A big part of that is having Sarah at my side, and I know that we will push each other to be the best we can be. Funny thing, our relationship so far. Maybe it's God's sense of humor or maybe we just both stepped out of our normal shells, but how can you take two fitness junkies....put them together and come up with a couple that has seen the inside of a gym less than 10 times in 6 months?? We are both strong-willed people and now that we have decided to get back to fun in fitness as opposed to fun in be lazy or wacthing a game at Gators....we will do it. While my LA Fitness membership has been charity to them, I rejoined Planet Fitness for $1 and 10 bucks a month.

Yesterday we started out with a quick cardio warm-up followed by squats, seated-rows alternating with push-ups and then step-ups alternating with abs. After a warmup I did (2x) 15 reps with 45 lb plates on each side and I think I was doing 105 on the rows up to 135. Stepups we each used 15 lb weights and did 15 reps with each legs with abs in between.

Our first day back was puntuated by some joker mistakenly adding his stuff to my unlocked locker and putting his lock on. We had to have them get the bolt cutters or else Sarah would have had me going through another hour of pain.

Today I ran 2 miles in 16 minutes while Sarah did 20 on the elliptical. We then did shoulder press (15 reps of 25, then 12 at 30 and 12 at 35). We alternated those with wide-grip pull-downs. 15x105, 15x120, 12x135). My stomach did cut the workout short as we followed this with just 3 sets on the bench. With much trepidation, knowing this would be the tell-tale sign of weakness, I loaded on the 45s and did 15 reps on the bench press. Followed this with 10 more at 135 and finally 5 at 155. Sad but true. Hey, it gives me an honest base point even if it is a bit frustrating. 

Getting back into lifting and working out after such a layoffwill be a challenge, but my life has been full of them lately and with my faith in God, self-respect desire to be the best I can be for Sarah; I will get it done.

So to summarize the workouts:
Day 1
Exercise Reps Weight
Squats 15,15,15 95,135,135
Rows 15,15,15 105,120,135
Push-Ups 15,15,15
Step-Ups 15,15,15 30,30,30

Day 2
Cardio: 2 miles in 18 minutes
Exercise Reps Weight
Shoulder Press 15,12,12 25s,30s,35s
alternated with
Wide Grip Pull Downs 15,15,12 105,120,135
Bench Press 15,12,5 135,135,155

Current Weight - A Grotesque 184

Monday, November 24, 2008

Nike Lunalite Racer+ Review - LunaRacers ROCK!

So I Finally got my Nike Lunarlite Racers. I had seen them back in August when at the Niketown in Boston but did not have any room in my suitcase. I figured I could pick up a pair of the lunalite racers when I got home. After months of searchin the internet, I began to ask myself "Where can I find the Nike Lunarlite Racer?" Everyone was sold out or had size 16's and size 7's. I guess my Nike size 10 is pretty common. Long story short, my girlfriend (THANK YOU) was able to buy me pair from a specialty running store in Arizona. The picture of these shoes shoes my girlfriend's Nike Lunarlite+ Trainers next to my Nike Lunaracers.

After a week of running home to the mailbox, I finally got them. First of all, they aren't called Lunalite for nothing!? UNREAL how lightweight these things are. The Lunaracer weighs just 5.7 ounces thanks to nike's flywire technology and lunar foam (think NASA). It's also compatible with the Nike+ system. The cushioning and support is top notch so far. They can be used for everyday training. From a looks standpoint, I have never gotten more compliments on a running shoe. This is one of the most stylish running shoes I have ever seen. I love my neon yellows!

Keep in miind I am in no way affiliated with Nike, nor do I have any agenda. I just encourage any serious runner to check out the lunalite's, as they are awesome shoes and worth a shot.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

7 Winter Running Tips - Run Through the Winter with these Cold Weather Running Tips

1. Run Easy - Winter can be a time to chill out a bit. Build for the spring and run at a pace that makes it easy to talk comfortably. Be sure to work in some speedwork when you can. Either do strides or work in some fast minutes on the treadmill.

2. Plan for Spring - Get ready for that first spring race and use the winter to work towards a PR. Step it up gradually as you get closer to the race.

3. Hit the Weights! - Strengthen your core, work on problem areas, improve flexibility, get those biceps jacked like you want. Focus on what you want, but don't be a stranger to the gym. Work in some treadmill runs for variation. (click here to view the chart comparing treadmill speed to road running mile times)

4. Breath Through Your Nose Bros! - When it gets cold, breathing through your nose is the way to go. Your mouth takes in air that makes your lungs colder and drier. This can lead to caughing, wheezing, and having more trouble breathing.

5. THINK Safety - Make Sure you are running somewhere well lit, wear reflective vests or running lights, warm gear (WEAR A HAT - Remember that your head may be responsible for about 40% of heat loss. Keep your head covered and wear gloves).

6. Hydrate - Yes, you need water when you run in the winter, and this is more important than you think. You should drink plenty of water before, during, and after your run. Even if you are not sweating, you are losing a lot of water which causes dehydration. If you become dehydrated, your body has trouble regulating your temperature, your immune system is lowered, and you can even faint, among other things. By the way, because you will be dressed warm, you will likely be sweating when you run and need water just like a summer run. Water in Winter is good.

7. Loosen Up! (your shoes) - Don't wear tight shoes, because they increase the risk of frostbite and can contribute to the development of neuromas, or benign growths of nerves between the toes, which need to be treated by a doctor.

Hopefully this answers questions and addresses running issues like: What do i need to know for winter running, 2008 winter running tips, running in the winter, do i need to hydrate when running in the winter, cold weather running tips, is it safe to run in the winter, should i wear a hat when running, should i breathe through my nose when running in winter, winter treadmill run, treadmill vs. road chart or worksheet, can i get frostbite when I run in the winter and more. If you have any questions or tips for cold weather running tips, please comment and share!

Click here to view my 10 2007 winter running tips!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My Running Blog Featured in Wall Street Journal

So on Monday the web traffic to this marathon training and running blog goes through the roof. I check out my stats to see where it is coming from and it is a combo of Wall Street Journal online and direct address entry. As it turns out, my running blog was the #1 feature on their blog watch section, both in print and online. Anyways, I was pretty excited, but I really wish they had focused on this blog instead. Either way, I am excited that they did mention Crohn's Disease. "As "Mr. Roy chronicles his training regimen, readers see him deal with the challenges that every dedicated runner faces, like a busy schedule and nagging injuries, as well as the added burden of Crohn's disease, a chronic inflammation of the digestive tract." Check out the article here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can you use the Nike Ipod Sport Kit on Any Shoe?

Have a hankering for the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, but don't feel like shelling out nearly 100 clams for those special Nike shoes? Now you can attach the SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter to the shoelaces of any ol' shoes and slip that little sensor inside, for under 12 bucks. Sweet....even though I love my Nikes and my ipod sport kit, but hey if you run in asics or zips you can use the nike+ technology too!

We really like the Nike + iPod sport kit, but the fact that they expect you to buy a special pair of shoes just to use it is pretty weak on Nike's part. We already have shoes that we like just fine, thank you very much Nike. What to do if you want the fun features of the Nike + iPod doodad but don't want to shell out the cash for a new pair of sweatshop-made sneaks?
The horribly named SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter for the iPod Sports Kit takes the little sport kit gadget and makes it fit on any pair of shoes. Clipping handily onto the laces, it'll allow you to track your run and sync up your music with your sad attempt at exercise, just like people who aren't so cheap. Isn't it wonderful? You can pick it up now for a little under $12

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2 mile run at an 8:30 pace - Red Bug Lake Park

Took a nice 2-mile run with Sarah last night. Ran up Red Bug and on the jogging trails at Red Bug Lake Park Enjoyed chatting and we broke it up with about 15 minutes at the outdoor exercise center at the Park. Thanks teammate! Knocked out some pushups, stepups, abs, pullups, etc. The we followed it up with a 10,000 calorie meal at Stonewood. Yum....maybe we should have run 20 miles instead of 2!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Little-Big Econ Trail Run - No Nike+ Today

I took my roomates out on a nice trail run today. We selected the Snow Hill Trailhead of the Little-Big Econ State Forrest. This is part of a wildlife corridor of approximately 8,000 acres located in Chuluota, Florida (just outside of Oveido). Due to impending darkness, we were forced to limit our trail run to about 30 minutes. Nice run and we all pushed it hard the last 500 meters through heavy brush.

How To Run a 6 Minute Mile - 6 Minute Mile Training Plan

How do I run a 6 minute mile?Good question, and one I have heard a lot. This article will provide you some tips on how to run a 6 minute mile.

Within this post I am going to outline a basic training schedule so you will be able to run a 6 minute mile, or faster. There are also some 6 minute mile milestones you should reach along the way, and some guidelines to tell you if you are ready to run below 6 minutes. First and foremost, make sure you have a base fitness level. If you are just getting into running or haven’t been actively involved in other sports (soccer, basketball, biking, etc), start this plan in a month or so, once you have established a base. If you don’t you risk injury.

Now on to training. If you have been running and want to get your time down the following training routines should help you out. This article and plan have split it up into a 13 weeks with milestones. If you reach the milestones earlier you can feel free to jump ahead to the next portion of training but I recommend, for your long term running health, stick with the time line.
Three things you want to keep track of: 1. Total Mileage, 2. Long Run Pace, 3. How your legs feel. I recommend using a Nike+ ipod kit for this as it makes the tracking of your runs painless! You want to keep your total mileage up at first and taper down when it comes to race time, knowing what you ran is a good way to do this. Your longer runs, on your so called days off, shouldn’t always be at the same pace. These runs are what we will use as indicators for how you are progressing. Lastly, if you don’t keep track of how your legs feel how will you know how to back off so you don’t get injured?

Base Building
If you’ve been running more than 20 miles a week you can skip to Week 3
Week 1
Non-runner: Start out slow, run 3 times this week and run 1 to 3 miles. Just get used to it
Recreational runner: I assume you run 2 or 3 times a week already, or more. Continue this but keep track of your pace, what you ran for each mile. You should be running each mile in at least 8:00 to 8:30, that’s minutes and seconds. Run about 2-4 miles each run.
Progressed Runner: You probably are running 20 miles or more a week. Keep this up but make sure you are running faster than 8:30 pace. I have found the slower I run the more pain it causes my joints. All that pounding, there was no momentum carrying my weight forward, it was all going into my knees, shins and ankles. Pick up the pace you’ll need to.

Week 2
Non-runner: If you’re hurting, as in shins and knees, consult a doctor or run less, this may take you a little longer, repeat week 1 either way.

Recreational runner
: Repeat week 1 but add some strides at the end of two of your running days. Preferably on grass find a distance that is 50-150 yards and run at a fast pace taking long strides. Stop rest and run back. Do 5 of these this week.

Progressed Runner
: Repeat week 1 as well and add some strides just like the recreational runner.

: We are still building a base here but you should be up to at least 8 miles of running a week all at about 8:30 pace, maybe faster. Try doing strides, 50-150 yards on grassy surface, running at a fast pace, “striding” out your legs.

Recreational Runner: You’ve probably had an easy time with this and should be running 8 to 12 miles this week (or more). Try and bump your running up to 4 times this week, more if you can handle it. Do strides again, 5 times at the end of 3 runs.

Progressed runner: You’re probably running 5 times a week, just remember to keep the pace below 8 minutes per mile. Do strides 3 times this week.

Week 4 - This will be the last week of base building

Non-runner: You might have one or two more weeks of base building. If you haven’t been able to run at least 10 miles within a week all at below 8:30 pace go back to week 2 and follow through on the steps. Trust me you’ll be glad.

Recreational runner and Progressed runner: You both should be at about 12-20 miles a week, and each mile should be better than 8:30 pace. Finish off week four with the same amount as in week 3 as well as doing the same amount of strides. Take note of your legs and make sure to stop if you feel pain in the shins. Don’t go slower, you’re legs will be junk if you slow down your pace, trust me.

Week 4
Once you’ve got up to 10-20 miles per week of running at 8:30 or better pace you’ll need to find a route that is a half a mile long. I prefer a track but if you don’t have access to that look for a half mile loop on a trail, and then if you don’t have that go to a road (not the best for your legs). This is where you will begin really training to run a faster mile time. I will write this in week formats as above but assume you now know what pace is and mileage.

Warm-ups: Your warm-ups should start off slow (not slower than 8:30 pace) until you get loose, I suggest running for about 10 minutes. Remember to stretch.

Cool-down: Your cool-down time should be about 5-10 minutes, just get your legs back to resting. Remember to stretch.

Pace: You should run your workouts (800s, 400s, and 200s) all at the same pace. Check your watch at 200 meters or even 100 meters for each lap and make sure you are on pace for to complete the laps for the correct time.

Week 5

Week 6
Repeat Week 1, you don’t want your legs being mad because you began to do some speed work. Just make sure you are doing your mileage at 8:30 pace or better.

Week 7
All runs this week should be run at 8 minute mile pace or better. If you aren’t used to it you may have difficulty the first 1 or 2 runs. But stick with it, you’ll get used to it.

Week 8
Again all runs this week should be run at 8 minute mile pace or better. This week will probably be the hardest week for your track workout day. You should try and get the first two 800’s in the correct time. The remaining two you should of course work your hardest to get them in the correct time but if you slip don’t think it’s the end of the world. Just make sure you don’t slip below your pace from last week for your 800’s (5 seconds slower than this week.)
Next week we will go for one 800 at below 6 minute mile pace. You will have to push yourself so practice pushing yourself this week.

Week 9
Keep going at 8 minute pace. This should be getting easy for you by now.
Non-Runners. Do one more week like week 7 but drop the 800 time to 3:20. For the other two go onto the following week 9 workouts.

Week 10
You should now try for runs of 7:45 pace or better for everyone. If you can get to this point and you were able to complete last weeks 800 workout then you are on your way to running a 6 minute mile! That’s only 90 second quarters, therefore we will now throw into the mix a couple of 400 meter runs (400 yards if that’s easier for you, it’s close enough.) We’re going to throw in two workouts this week. It shouldn’t be too bad if you have been able to complete the mileage and pace as of yet. Almost there

Week 11
Remember to keep running 7:45 pace for all your runs, if you can go faster then by all means go faster just don’t burn your body out. This week we will speed up our 400’s just a little more. For you non-runners you will finally run a pace faster than 6 minute mile pace. Push yourself to get there and you will reap the rewards soon.

Week 12
You’re very close now. The next two weeks we will do something called tapering. Your legs have been getting used to running a lot of miles at decent pace, building strength and speed. Now you will run less intense workouts and your legs will get energized for you to run that 6 minute mile or better.

Week 13
The last week. Run at a decent pace for your regular runs. If you were finding it easy to run at 7:45 pace then keep it up. If that was a struggle don’t worry about slowing down this week, your legs will love you. Run a little less mileage this week and enjoy the rest. You should plan to run the mile over the weekend but if you can’t run a few miles such as Friday and Saturday the days leading up to the run. Do some extra strides if you need for some of the days leading up.

The 6 Minute Mile day
There you have it, 13 weeks to a 6 minute mile. The day of the race you should go over your usual race routine. If you don’t have one treat it like a workout day. Warm up for about 10 minutes. Stretch, do some strides, stretch some more and then get ready to run! If you were able to finish all the workouts you should be able to easily run a 6 minute mile. If you are looking for pacing I will only mention that I like to use the pyramid ideal. Run your first and last lap the same but faster than your middle two laps which should be the same as each other. Take this for instance:
85 seconds - 95 seconds - 95 seconds - 85 seconds

Lap 1: You'll want to start out a little faster than what is necessary to get your target time. The fact of the matter is that psychologically, you're going to slow down as you get further into the mile, so make sure this one is good to compensate. Keep in mind, though, you don't want to spend it all on this lap. A good example would be, if you want to run a 5:00 mile, each lap would need to be 75 seconds. A good time for your first lap would be 71-73; not too fast, but fast enough to give you some slack.

Lap 2: Fall into pace. This is where those 400 meter intervals you worked on will come in handy; know what it feels like to run the pace you need to run. This is the lap which should be right on target. In the 5:00 minute mile we mentioned earlier, THIS is the lap which should be exactly 75 seconds, so your time at the halfway point should be 2:26-2:28. Your adrenaline rush will probably start to wear off midway through this one, and you'll start feeling it, but focus on your running form and keeping the pace.

Lap 3: Mentally and physically, this is the toughest lap for most people. More often than not, this is the one which will determine if you get your target time or not. Chances are, you will slow down from your original pace. In our 5:00 mile example, most people will run from about 77-78 seconds. However, since the first lap was hopefully strong, this puts us almost perfectly at 3:45, which is exactly on target. Nonetheless, it is important to make a conscious effort to keep pace on this lap, or else you will fall behind. Remember, your next lap is the last one!

Lap 4: This is it. You're almost there. That's what you need to be telling yourself at this point. You probably slowed down on your previous lap, so you need to really strut your stuff on this one and mentally push it to get to that time. Especially important is the last 200 meters- on most tracks, that's the final curve. All that can be said about this lap is that you need to mentally give it your all, and you'll make that target time.
When you get to the last 200 meters, kick it HARD You will do it.

Friday, September 12, 2008

4 Miles last Night - 34 minutes

put in a solid run last night despite pretty significant knee and back injuries. I basically decided to push through the pain and frustration and get in a good hard run. I feel surpisingly fresh today, which further frustrates me. These damn injuries are holding be back and its killing me mentally as well.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Treadmill versus Road Running - and Gym Workouts

Followed up a day of road running with a treadmill day. Running on the road versus running on a treadmill is incredibly different. My Nike+ ipod even thinks so because it doesn't agree with the treadmill speed. I can knock out 6:20 miles all day on a treadmill, but running on the road I struggle to hit 7:45 miles. I know that putting the treadmill on an incline of 1 - 1.5 better simulates actual road conditions. I actually love treadmills for interval training and working up an intense sweat. I also find treadmills great for conditioning and cardio. I mean crank it up to 10.0 or higher and what are you gonna do? Stop? Nah, run till you can't and back it down till you are ready to go again.

Anyways, did arms two days ago. Joined LA Fitness yesterday. They have a pool to help with my triathalon training. I did a shoulder and leg workout yesterday. Not too sore yet, but it feels good to be back in the gym again. I'm taking my life and body back.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Past Few Runs have Rocked

I've been running pretty hard and am happy about it. Put in 4 miles 2 nights ago, running down Tuscawilla. Ran on the treadmill yesterday. Jacked the speed .1 every 30 seconds...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back to Back 5k training runs

So I picked two random spots on my way home from work the past two nights and did layed down some nice 5k training runs. I am training for my first Orlando Area sprint triathalon, a soccer tournament (Sun Till Moon 6-aside) this weekend in Tampa and am trying to drop a few pounds. I quit drinking beers on weeknights and am going to get after it and start running again. I miss is hard for me to find the time to run, but I realize that is a lame excuse. I have run 5k's in under 21 minutes competitively but did these two training runs in 25 mins each. Pretty slow, but one day was raining and the other was typical Orlando summer heat of 94 degrees.

I hope to play for two teams in Tampa despite the brutal heat.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Running on Cruise Ship - 4 Miles on Grandeur of the Seas

Just got off a nice Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas cruise and kept fit by running on the walking/running track on the 10th level and did some rock climbing, etc. It is possible before you get too fired up on drinks and buffet food to stay in shape and run on a cruise ship.

Keeping fit on a cruise ship? If that sounds like an oxymoron, then you aren't aware of the exciting, state-of-the-art fitness centers which are part of the many amenities on today's cruise ships. While traditional (and oh-so-fattening) midnight buffets have gone the way of the hula hoop and healthy menus are de rigueur on cruise ships, fitness programs and gyms on today's newest vessels help keep passengers buff and healthy. Really dedicated to fitness? Personal trainers can offer one-on-one help, but stationary bicycles, treadmills, and rowing, stair-climbing and Keiser pneumatic progressive resistance machines are all aboard for the do-it-yourselfer. A variety of free weights and dumbbells are also available. As a bonus, most of today's cruise ship fitness centers have been built with floor-to-ceiling windows offering wonderful vistas and a workout for the psyche as well as the body. Another plus: each cruise ship offers some form of jogging track, and for walkers, each ship also provides information regarding the number of laps around the promenade deck that equal one mile. An ideal way of working off calories is to avoid elevators, and use the ship's stairways.

Royal Caribbean International - Rock climbing, inline skating and roller blading are featured aboard "Voyager of the Seas", "Explorer of the Seas", "Radiance of the Seas", "Grandeur of the Seas" and the upcoming "Adventure of the Seas", while Voyager, Explorer and Adventurer offer ice skating as well. Fitness centers are open from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and all ships in the Royal Caribbean International fleet feature state-of-the-art equipment and a jogging track.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 Mile Run (not on the treadmill!)

So I have been doing some treadmill running, but I finally got back on the road last night for a nice little 2.25 mile run. 8:07 pace. I ran at night and wore my running light (I highly recommend using an LED running light for visibility at night). Got home and had a beer with my neighbor and he told me he saw some flashing light running down the road. Guess it worked! Anyways, I am on the road again (again)! I rocked out with my nike amp plus. Love that thing.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Treadmill Speed Vs. Road Minutes Per Mile Chart

Since many of you are starting to run on the treadmill for the winter, I dug up a handy treadmill Speed Vs. Road Minutes Per Mile Chart.

Treadmill Mile Per Hour Setting - Equivalent Pace Per Mile
5 - 12 minute miles
5.2 - 11:32 minute miles
5.4 - 11:07 minute miles
5.6 - 10:43 minute miles
5.8 - 10:21 minute miles
6 - 10:00 minute miles
6.2 - 9:41 minute miles
6.4 - 9:23 minute miles
6.6 - 9:05 minute miles
6.8 - 8:49 minute miles
7.0 - 8:34 minute miles
7.2 - 8:20 minute miles
7.4 - 8:06 minute miles
7.6 - 7:54 minute miles
7.8 - 7:42 minute miles
8 - 7:30 minute miles
8.2 7:19 minute miles
8.4 - 7:09 minute miles
8.6 - 6:59 minute miles
8.8 - 6:49 minute miles
9 - 6:40 minute miles
9.2 - 6:31 minute miles
9.4 - 6:23 minute miles
9.6 - 6:15 minute miles
9.8 - 6:07 minute miles
10 - 6:00 minute miles

2.25 Miles

I ran about 2.25 miles at an 8:34 pace today. I faced 25-40 mile per hour wind gusts during my run and found it quite challenging. Again though, I feel like a runner again. I have a marketing plan to present to my board of directors on Wednesday and don't see any running Monday or Tuesday. I need the time off though, so I will hit it hard Weds, and Thrusday before I fly to get Jules on Friday!

Monday, December 10, 2007

1/2 Marathon to Prepare for a Future Marathon? I am thinking about it

So I have run a marathon, and am getting the itch to do another. I haven't fun a half-marathon, and i think it would be both cool to do one, as well as a good building block for preparing my mind and body for the thought of a more grueling marathon. As I have stated, I would love to run the Kentucky Derby Marathon...maybe even this year. I am considering using this half-marathon training plan. It includes 35 miles a week, and plenty of speed and fartlek workouts. That puts me on pace for a Feb 25th 1/2 Marathon. Interestingly, Sean, that puts me in the same weekend as the Hyannis half-marathon. Anyways

No Rest For this Runner - 4.08 Miles Tonight - Joined the Nike Plus 100+ Club

First of all, I feel like I can call myself a runner again. I miss the feeling of pride in being able to say that. Secondly, I joined the 100+ club on Nike Plus (Click here to see my certificate). I did that with my last chip/login too, but started over somewhere along the way. In 45 runs I logged 102.54 miles at an average pace of 8:24. Tonight's run on a treadmill was 4 mile temple run in 35 minutes. I ran around a 8:45 - 9 minute mile pace, and kicked it up to 7:40 for a couple of quarter mile intervals. My ipod is still under counting slightly. According to the treadmill I ran 4.2.

I believe I have earned a day of rest tomorrow, but I may possibly go for a short 2-3 mile easy run. I am experiencing some toe sorness.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

6 Mile Run - Scott Roy put in a 6 Mile Run on a Beautiful Orlando Day

Put in a nice mile run today...Beautiful day...78 degreees, low humidity, sunny, light breeze. I put in 6.07 miles in 51:07 for about a 8:20 pace. I felt good, and really hope to get in a pacey 2 miler tomorrow. My stomach was bothering me for a while and after the run it was really bothering me. I don't think it was from my Crohn's Disease...felt more like dehydration. I ran to my inlaws house and they weren't home yet. Nothing like a 6 mile run, then no liquid at the end. But alas, another great thing about living in Orlando, Florida. I pulled 2 oranges off the orange tree in their yard, and promptly devoured them. Yum. I feel like I am making a little bit of progress towards my goal of competing in another marathon. Would love to do the Kentucky Derby marathon...but not without my brothers. We have some good Nike Plus ipod challenges going....glad to contribute to our 50 mile by Christmas goal.

Friday, December 07, 2007

5k Treadmill Run - (acutally 5.16 k) in 26:33 - Broke Treadmill Mile Record

I ran 5k on my treadmill. Sean always runs on a treadmill and I don't think it can begin to compare to pavement, but hey I will cut him some slack since he chooses to live in the cold ass city of Ashland, Ma. Sean Roy in Ashland, Ma. Whooda thunkit? But I digress. I broke my treadmill mile record today, putting in a 7:13 mile. I wonder what speed I would have had to run on the treadmill to get a 7 minute mile. Anywhow, after my 5k treadmill run....I am now thinking about running 6 miles tomorrow at an 8:39 pace. It's been a long time since I broke 5.5, so we will see. I must say that I really do live my Nike Plus iPod kit. That thing allows me to connect with runners worldwide, including my brothers.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ran a Couple Miles and Calibrated my Nike Plus iPod

Sean posted about calibrating his ipod, and I decided to do so today. First I ran down Red Bug to the gym (1.71 miles). My time for the 1.71 was13:57 minues and an 8:08 pace. I guess I am running father than I am getting credit for, because next I went to the calibration stage. I ran .25 on the treadmill to calibrate my Nike Ipod Plus. I got credit for .20. I calibrated then ran .75 and got credit for .70, so I guess I need to keep trying it. I will upload my runs to nikeplus tomorrow from work. I am feeling really good on my and light (even though i am not!) Time for my Humira shot...gotta love Running and Crohn's Disease.

I am really excited that Stever got his Nike Plus kit today for one of his 10 ipods. Sean and I look forward to him running "with" us. Luckily for them, they get to run together if they can find/make the time. It is so helpful to run with a partner. Again, people...I am looking for someone to run 8-9 minute miles and am looking for a new goal or challenge....If you are in the orlando area, and are looking for a running partner, gimme a shout. I am in Casselberry (off of Red Bug Lake Rd) and am looking to meet someone new that wants a running partner.

Friday, November 30, 2007

1.64 in 12:32 (7:37 pace)

I was shooting to break my 7:13 mile iPod record but failed. I plan to try again next Thursday. I am going to put in between a 3 and 5 mile run tomorrow somewhere here in the Orlando area. Sean told me that Stephen got the nike plus kit today and I am really excited to have both of my brothers virtually training with me. I miss them more than they realize.,runs,749967775

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Starting to Run More Consistently - 5.07 Miles Last Weekend in 41:38

I ran 5.07 in 41:38. 8:13/mile pace. I started off at home (Casselberry, Florida) and swerved an extra mile to my inlaws house in Winter Park. I felt pretty good...stopped about 5 times to stretch. I paused my iPod so they don't reflect on my pace (ahem..cheater). Felt good to be running. I am looking for a running partner in the Orlando area....Thinking about running a marathon at an 8:00 pace. My best case scenario running goal is to run the Kentucky Derby marathon on April 26th, but I am not committing to that quite yet.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Top 10 Winter Running Tips - Winter is Coming - Run Smart!

I don't have to worry about winter running tips much in Florida, but Seany-boy these are for you. These are 10 winter running tips that I have collected over the years regarding running and marathon training in the winter.
1. Dress in layers. Use light weight wicking fibers as the layer closest to your body. (Dry-fit or under armour).Wear socks made of synthetic fibers that wick moisture away from your skin to help prevent blisters and athlete's foot. (Definitely check out WICKERS.COM).

2. Know what color to wear - Your choice of clothing color can make a big difference in how well others, like drivers, can see you. If it is dark, wear light colors and reflective gear. Wear bright colors when it's snowy. If it is dark and snowy, well, perhaps you should just find a new time to run. If you must run when it is dark and snowy, where bright colors with reflective gear. Those orange reflective vests are great for this purpose. Be careful running in low light conditions both because of road traffic, uneven pavement and also be aware of increased balance problems.
3. WEAR A HAT - Remember that your head may be responsible for about 40% of heat loss. Keep your head covered and wear gloves.
4. Still need Sun Block and Shades - Apply skin protection using sun block and moisturizers as appropriate. UV exposure is not good in the winter as well as summer. Snow is highly reflective, and the glare that bounces off of it can lead to snow blindness. Sunglasses fix this problem in an instant. Opt for ones with polarized lenses.
5. You still Need Hydration - This is more important than you think. You should drink plenty of water before, during, and after your run. Even if you are not sweating, you are losing a lot of water which causes dehydration. If you become dehydrated, your body has trouble regulating your temperature, your immune system is lowered, and you can even faint, among other things.
6. Warm up better - Warm up slowly and gently before your runs and especially before doing speed work.
7. Dry Off Quickly - If you finish your runs at home, that's great. Change into dry clothes as soon as you get in from your run. On the other hand, if you're going to finish your run anywhere that you don't have the luxury of changing, be sure to bring a couple of pairs of dry socks (at the least) to change into until you can get back home.8. Don't run on ice. Beware of Black Ice on the pavement.
9. Loosen Up! (your shoes) - Don't wear tight shoes, because they increase the risk of frostbite and can contribute to the development of neuromas, or benign growths of nerves between the toes, which need to be treated by a doctor.
10. Slow Down Charlie! - Don't do speedwork in bone chilling cold. You are risking injury. Most wise runners use this season for maintenance runs.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

3.4 miles tonight - 25 minutes - 8 minutes pace

I should be depressed that scantly over a year ago I was running 20 miles at a clip. After yesterday's 2 miler, I manned up and ran 3.4 tonight. Just a simple out and back down Red Bug to 436. Because of the way the walls are set up bordering the neighborhoods I somehow ran into the win both directions. But the weather was a perfect 75 degrees at dusk. I was running a 7:30 pace at the beginning but slowed down towards the end. It felt so good to be running and if I can get a good run Thanksgiving in Tampa I will feel like a runner again.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Swear I am a Runner! Did 2.25 in 17 tonight

All three of my soccer seasons are over. Sunday league is over for a month....My focus is to get in shape to join one of the two premier teams that want me. Surely I would be the oldest plyer on either team..... Indoor Center closed down (5 points in longwood) but I got to be part of the last night. We lost in co-ed too. I will start playing on a Weds team...maybe tomorrow. But at least I ran tonight. If I don't play soccer tomorrrow night, I am in for a 3 miler. Stay tuned. Visiting the Crohn's Doctor (Dr. Shafran in Winter Park) tomorrow.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Scott Roy Ran at 7am This Morning - 50 Degrees

Well, I ran this morning. Soccer has been going well but I feel the need to get back into running. My goal is to hit 8 miles by Jan 1. I was freezing and only ran 1.5 miles up and back on Red Bug this am but at least I am back on the road.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Soccer Game - Big Win for Alemannia Aixpress - Just Missed a Hattrick!

We won 5-3 today. I played pretty well in my second game back...netting two goals. The first goal was a breakaway that I nutmegged the keeper on 10 minutes into the game to give us a 1-0 lead. 10 minutes into the second half I had another breakway and chipped the keeper from the corner of the 18 (he was way out of position). I dropped back to sweeper and made one run that nearly resulted in my third time finding the back of the ole onion bag. I had a nice give and go with Dan, and again had the keeper out of position but after running 60 yards full out I stopped and shot from 18. I grazed the post upper 90....I probably could have dribbled around the keeper for the tally. I am getting kind of old so I won't have too many more chances like that for a hattrick. Oh well, live and learn!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm Ready to Run

The neck is better. I am finally ready to run after a long layoff. The plan is to start slow. Maybe 2 easy miles tonight? Anyone care to wager (riight, like anyone cares either way) if I actually do it?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Neck Injury Update

So just a quick update, I may be back and blogging about running again. Waiting for MRI results, but my neck feels a bit better. I was able to play co-ed soccer at Red Bug last night, which means I should be able to get back to jogging. I had our 3 best chances on goal, including one that hit the post from 45 yards. Of course, with the Roy luck, it didn't bounce in. Anyways, one thing has gotten me better...ok two.....REST and Prayer. Now I am back to feeling closer to normal (which means my Crohn's disease is bothering me again). So stay tuned for more stories of Crohn's Disease and Marathon running.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Neck Still Injured - But check out this sick Soccer Juggling Video

Still experienceing INTENSE pain in my left arm, shoulder, and neck. I am so fuc&ing frustrated it is insane. I am miserable. No soccer, no running, no goofing off. I can't do anything. I can barely work. Impossible to sleep. I wish this upon no one, and it makes the pain of my Crohn's disease complete childs play. Anyways, I could spend hours bitching about this. The most frustrating part is I have no clue when it will get better. I have been referred to a sports medicine doctor in downtown Orlando and am to schedule an MRI today. The x-rays shows some spinal compression and massive swelling coupled with vertical tears. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Anyways here is an crazy soccer juggling video. I would be lucky to have this much skill in my left toe.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Neck and Shoulder Injury Update

Awful. Missed soccer Sunday. Missed a game tonight as well. I will also be missing soccer on Tuesday indoor and co-ed on Wednesday. Hoping to get back this coming Sunday. I put in 8 miles on the excercise bike on Saturday and put in 8.5 miles today. It hurts to walk, sit, type, etc...I don't think the bike is hurting it any worse and it is giving me some sort of workout.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Out with a neck injury

Missed a game today, missing one tomorrow, as well as Tuesday and Wednesday. I got a cortisone and steroid shot in my neck after re-injuring it while playing soccer last Wednesday night. I am in tremendous pain and dying to get out on the field.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

VICTORY at Five Points Indoor Soccer

The Ducks Win, the Ducccckkkssss Wiiinnnnn! Thank god, the Ducks have gotten off the losing streak that has stretched into the double digits and two seasons. With a 14-10 win, the Ducks have begun a new streak. Without a doubt, we enter the playoffs as a the most dangerous low seed in histoy. Along these lines, my good friend David and his wife Stacey Dee are opening and indoor soccer arena just south of Orlando. We are all super stoked and can't wait. This will be full-field, REAL indoor soccer.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Crohn's Disease - ING Miami Half Marathon Updae

Although the CCFA website invited me to sign up and implied there would be a Central Florida group there doesn't seem to be. I was excited to sign up for this half-marathon, and asked for more info over a week ago. Today I got an email informing me of meetings in Boca and Miami...nothing in Central Florida. In fact, no one ever got back to me. Anyways, unless someone local wants to train and contacts me in the next couple of days....I think I am out.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Soccer Bonanza

Had a great game defensively and hustle wise, but only scored one goal Tuesday in Indoor (Longwood Indoor Sports - 5 Points Soccer). Took Wednesday c0-ed off due to a knee injury. Played tonight in the Christian League at Red Bug. Scored two quick goals then dropped to sweeper. I think we won 7-5. Outdoor Men's League Game Sunday vs. FC Rogue.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

15 mile bike ride

Took a bike ride from Casselberry to Winter Park and back. 95 degrees but it was cool on the bike. Much easier than running but i don't think it doing much for me cardio or weight loss wise. I also hit the gym this am and lifted ran just a half mile because my knee hurt, and did 20 minutes on the cross-trainer thingy.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

2.2 in 96 degree heat

my first run in quite a while. Crohn's was feeling OK so I put in a toasty warm run in the heat (96 degrees) at an 8 minute pace (after I mowed and washed 2 cars). I may run to cuch tomorrow morning. Felt good.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

2 out of 3 (sort of)

Ok, so I was at the gym lifting when Joey called to see if I could be at Red Bug in 4 minutes. 4 minutes later I laced up my soccer boots and was playing 40 straight minutes in 94 degree heat. Great workout. We got spanked but I ran my ass off and played reasonably well.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Soccer the Past Two Nights - I Swear I am Going to Run AND Bike Tomorrow.

Lost 3-2 in co-ed last night at Red Bug. Tied 6-6 indoors (Longwood Sports Center) tonight. Our big goal scorer (David Slocum da man) was missing so I filled in the slack with 4 goals. Nice, but I should have had 8. Tomorrow I plan to bike 12 miles, then run just 1 mile. I am also going to the gym. Ok, 2 out of 3. Not sure which...but I commit to doing 2 of those 3 activities. Stay tuned for which ones. The Crohn's was KILLING me the last 2 days. Makes it tough to run, but soccer is a good outlet for me.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

First Ever Serious Road Bike Ride Followed By a Run..Sprint Triathalon Anyone?

Yeah, so at dinner last night some friends are talking about sprint triathalons. One of my friends even completed the bike portion on a beach cruiser. Well, I think I may go for it. So this morning I biked 10.8 miles. I hadn't biked this far on a road bike ever so running was not in the cards. Just to see what it felt like on tired legs, I did run 1/2 mile. I think I can do just was tough because of some Crohn's related issues (I will leave it at that) I have been having today. Anyway, Sean...I know you are thinking about it, and would without a doubt demolish whatever time I can pull off..keep me posted as to whether or not you are going to do a sprint-triathalon. If you are in the Orlando area and looking to train for a sprint-triathalon (there are upcoming ones in Orlando on Sept 15 and October 7th) let me know.

Oh, and if I feel ok, I am going to get in a 2 mile run tonight then another 10 mile plus bike ride tomorrow.


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thinking about the ING Miami Half Marathon

So, I am thinking of joining Team Challenge for the ING Miami Half Marathon. Team Challenge is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's new endurance training program. This new fundraising program trains you to run or walk a half marathon while helping the Foundation raise funds to find a cure for ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Their second event is the ING Miami Half Marathon taking place on January 27, 2008. I am really excited about this and if anyone with Crohn's in The Orlando area is interested in joining me in training, let me know here.

I have been playing so much soccer, but my plan is to ramp up training this Tuesday (yes right before a soccer game). I am thinking I will follow a standard half-marathon training plan as the structure was a tremendous help while training for Philadelphia Marathon in 2005.

Monday, August 20, 2007

More Soccer Less Running

Played at Red Bug on Friday night..awesome full sided, full field 120 minute run with Zoo and Serby. Woke up at 8:45 am Sunday for a 9:00 game. Flew over to Central Winds and by 9:06, sleepy seeds still in my eyes, I scored an unreal goal. Half-volley, upper 90 top shelf...wrapped the net around the top of the goal post. SICK. Bekham has nothing on me! Followed it up by going to the FC Rogue barbeque for old times sake. Good to see those fellas. 8:30 co-ed tonight at Red Bug and 8:30 indoor tomorrow night at Longwood Indoor Sports Complex.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dealing with Neck Pain

So I am dealing with a pinched nerve and strained neck from a collision and subsequent header on the soccer field. I played about 10 minutes in my co-ed game but it was intense pain with every step as I ran. I have an indoor game tonight...I am feeling better but it is far more competitive...we will see how it goes. I want to be able to run again, but am thinking it will be a good week or two before I can even do it..and two-three until the pain subsides.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Soccer Injury, Slow running this week, Props to Sean's 10k

I played a 120 minute long soccer match Friday on a typical August, steamy night in Florida. I came out drained, but with a sore neck (not exactly sure how). After a day at the beach Saturday (LOADED with physical, running, drinking, etc), I played a full match again on Sunday. In the first half I went up to win a header and my neck got rocked back. I can barely move my upper body and am in excruciating pain. I am supposed to have a co-ed game tonight, and an indoor game Tuesday. I am not sure whether I will play in either OR run. Congratulations to Sean for another great finish in the Shelburne Falls (Mass) Bridge of Flowers 10k. Awesome work bro. You definitely inspire me.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Night Soccer

This weekend will be loaded with soccer. I played 120 minutes with a 5 minute break with some Christian organization tonight. 11 v 11 refereed scrimmage. I just showed up to play with the Spanish players on the side field and ended up on center court....Had two nice goals, and my friend Holly from my Co-ed team (Orlando Sport and Social Club) was there. I have a CFSL (Central Florida Soccer League). Hitting Daytona Beach for some beach soccer tomorrow, then have an over 30 premiere game on Sunday, Co-ed Monday, Indoor Tuesday, and likely more co-ed Thursday...which takes me back to Friday for Christian League. So, if all goes well and work and family permit..I will get in 6 good days of soccer this week. Orlando's David Beckham is gonna get it done!

Off Running Topic, But on Over 30 topic!

"Oh man, I am the oldest guy out here..." That seems to be the first thought in my head before almost every soccer game I play these days. Thank god for my over 30's Premier Team (likely playing with Allemania Aixpress this Season), because whether it is a pick up game, Indoor at Longwood Sports Complex, or sometimes with the Orlando Sport and Social Club (thankfully there are some other fossils out there), I am the eldest of the bunch.

Had the same feeling Tuesday night...until I buried 4 goals, and realized wisdom and hustle usually beats out youthful cockiness and skill!

Monday, August 06, 2007

Wow, a running first, and not a good one

So the aforementioned Moss Park 10k was at 7 am...about an hour from my house. I set my alarm and get in bed way to late..about 1 am. I woke up at 7:15 am only to realize my alarm button was halfway between set and on. Shit!

Friday, August 03, 2007

10K Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will set a PR. I am running in the Moss Park Forest Run 10k. Only my 4th ever real first 10k, and my first trail race (second trail run). Should be intersting. I am out of shape, generally feeling not so good about my physical condition, yet desirous to lose a couple pounds and get my shit together. So, stay tuned for the gory details.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

19 hard minutes

hard run with Zoo for 19 minutes..left my iPod chip at work.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

haha, another "Back at it" Email

So, I am realize I am writing to myself, and occasionally my brother Sean, but hey its a good way to document my progress or lack of it. Since I last blogged here, I have put in the following runs:
May 20th - 2.3 miles, 18:30, 8:01 pace

May 21st - 1.75, miles, 13:42, 7:49 pace

June 08th, 1.73 miles, 14:28, 8:18 pace

June 15th, 2.45 miles, 19:44. 8:01 pace

June 20th, 1.26 miles, 12:02, 9:30 pace (this was a special run because I ran with my daughter Erin..pretty impressive!)

June 30th, 4.22 miles, 36:09, 8:33 pace (on the beach)

July 01st - 4.04 miles, 36:00, 8:54 pace (on the beach)

July 03rd - 5.43 miles, 44:54, 8:16 pace

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pacey 2 miles

Suprisingly I wasn't very sore after yesterday's 5 miler and set out on a pretty quick 2 mile run. You can see some good size dips in there towards the end where I walked for 50 yards or so. We'll see. Tonight's tentative plan is to run to the gym, lift, and run home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5.27 Miles in 45:13

I decided this weekend that I was going to start upping the distance. 64 degrees and a very steady downpour was not going to stop me. I put in my longest run since my comeback in pretty dismal conditions. I am not going to fully commit too it yet...but yeah, I am seriously considering picking a marathon for late summer, early fall. Sean, let me know how you feeling, because I need your support to make this happen....Step up anyone?

2 more runs without my Nike Chip..found it though

Two nice runs to report. 33 minutes Thursday, and then a 4 miler (38 minutes) on Friday in Tampa. Felt great on both runs. My stomach (Crohn's) is a MESS right now, but I am hoping to log at least 4 miles this evening. Possibly 5.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

1.55 and 3.68

loggin a 1.55 miler kind of late here:

Yesterday I set off for a 20 minute or so run and ended up putting in 3.68 in 30:03. I felt really good, and am excited to push for 40 minutes tonight. We'll see...I am feeling motivated to get back into running.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Ran a faster 2 miles on Saturday...ran to the gym at just below 7 minute pace. I was at 6:51 - 6:59 pace the entire run, however in trying to turn the itunes run off, i stood still for 20 seconds or so which put my time per mile at 7:21..pissed me off! Anyways...thinking about slowing it down and doing 4 miles today..

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Starting Back up

Had a nice quick 2 miles. I must admit it left my calves a bit sore, but I am ready to get back into running. Perhaps another marathon. Not sure if I can keep up with Steve's pace on training runs though!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Return of the Mack

I have been dealing with some health issues (Crohn's Disease) and had to take about a month off. I got out for a one miler wednesday to see how I would react with all of the meds in my system (lots and lots of them). Not too bad. Got in a nice 2 miles today. Both at about 8 minute pace. I am sore but happy to be back on the "road to recovery"! Good therapy, hopefully my body cooperates!

Monday, November 13, 2006

39:57 Minute Run

Upping my most recent time by more than 10 minutes, I put in 39:57 tonight. It was dark and cool enabling me to accomplish this with relative east. Most of my nagging injuries have fallen to the wayside and I am looking foward to getting to a point where my muscles loosen up a bit more quickly after my runs. Indoor soccer tomorrow, so next run will be Weds or Thurs depending on the level of abuse tomorrow.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

3 mile Saturday

My Nike iTunes is dead, so it's time to cough up another $30 to get my runs officially logged. I put in an easy 22 minute run on Saturday. I was feeling pretty tight (and lazy) but wanted to get something in. Followed that up with a quick ab and bicep workout at the gym.

Friday, November 10, 2006

3.5 - 4 miles, 30 minutes-ish

My Nike+ Itunes chip seems to be dying. I set it up for a 5k, but after 2 miles, my system thought I was only at 1.28 kilometers. I ended up running about 30 minutes (don't have my iPod on me and can't rememember exact time). I did my normal 5 k route but added a run through red bug park. My legs felt heavy and were knotting (shins, calves, quads), and I had to walk a couple of 20 yard stretches. Had Indoor Tuesday night...calves cramped up there as well. Played well, but only scored once in the short end a 13-6 ass whipping.

Monday, November 06, 2006

another run..and it hasnt been almost 3 months

I felt decent...better towards the end of my (exactly 3 miles) run today. My time was exactly 3 miles in 26:27, at 8:48. Proud to be running again.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Back in the saddle (again!)

Well, its been a while. Between work, soccer and life I let running get away from me this summer. I am determined to build back to a 8-10 mile level through the fall and into the winter. I did 3 miles Friday. I felt good during the run, but I honestly have to say that I was sore for 3 or 3 days. Still, glad to be back at it.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Nike + - First Run

I finally got my Nike Plus Shoes and took my first run tonight. 20 minutes, 2.55 miles, 7:55/mile pace. I was pretty sore from my soccer game yesterday but felt pretty good. It was hot (95), but I wanted to get a run into the shoes. They felt a bit tight, but I am used to running in a pair of Nike Frees with no socks. Having login issues, but I look forward to uploading my run and playing with the Nike + online features. After further review, I love the nike plus running system. For those of you that don't know what it works like this. Get a nike+ enabled shoe (most of their running shoes are). Get the kit that comes with the ipod receiver (plus into bottom) and a little chip for under the sole of your left shoe. Go for a run and your ipod keeps time, pace and results. Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe tell you how you fared. Its nice after a fast run to hear Lance tell you that you just ran your fastest mile. Good stuff. I compete in challenges (distance, speeed, etc) with my brother in Boston and other friends. Great motivational tool. Props to nike plus for this one! Great training tool!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 for one entry - 2 runs, 1 indoor soccer game

Saturday - Needing a change of pace I drove up to a nature trail and planned to run about 3 miles. i ran 3 miles, got some water at the 7-11 that I parked at then ran 3 more miles. 48 minutes.

Tuesday - We won 14-5 in indoor...I had a very strong defensive performance, and played the Bob Proebert enforcer role.

Wednesday - I stopped at the nature trail on my way home from work. It was officially 97 degrees, so I pu in 2.5 miles without my watch just to get something in for the day

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

100 degrees...1 fast lap around the hood

maybe .7 miles. Not really in the mood to run or blog about it.

Monday, July 31, 2006

2 miles in 17 minutes in Otis

I went to Otis for the weekend and had the opportunity to run with Sean. Nice. Before a day of drinking, we ran the hills near our house in Otis. I was being a wuss complaining about the hills, so we only ran 2.05 miles in 17:00 for an average pace of 8:17, when we originally had plans to run over 6. Seriously though it was a good run from a fitness and cardio standpoint because of the hills.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

3.3 in 26:30 and more brutal heat

not much to say here...I felt great in spurts, and miserable in spurts. My shins were really tight...and legs were generally sore. Cardio-wise I felt fine and finished pretty strong.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

3.2, 26:22, 99 Degrees, 104 Heat Index

Heat index was 104 tonight when I ran my usual 5k loop. I started out fast, then the heat straight kicked my ass. My legs felt like logs and I as just croaked at the mile mark. I was about 7:15 in the first mile, then you can see my pace dropped significantly. I was happy as hell to just finish....26:22. I rested for about 2 hours then played an indoor game. We were tied 7-7 against some high school all-star team with 4 mins left....a real battle...but Zoo scored two clutch goals and we ended up winning by a score of 10-7.

Soccer practice tomorrow night...maybe a run instead. We will see how I feel. Sean is running 7.5 tonight...I am jealous! (Last night Erin wanted to go for a run, so we did about a 1/2 mile, then I followed it up with two 90% speed 100's)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

6 Miles - 48:29

wow..just looked back and about a year ago, I was a few weeks into my training and I ran this exact same run. A year ago, I did 53 minutes and today I did 48:29.

Last Run - Nighttime Cool
This Run - 10 Am, Full sun, mid-80s and heating up

First Leg Last Time - 29:30
First Leg This Time - 23:11

2nd Leg Last Time - 23:30
2nd Leg This Time - 25:18

Weight Last Time - 182
This Time - 175ish

In other news, I found the receipt for my Mizuno waves and am taking them back (unworn) so I can go get the new nike/ipod combo.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Soccer Nights

Had an indoor game last night. We are 2-2 at Longwood Indoor Sports Soccer Complex. (but better than that..missing our goalie for a few weeks), and played the #1 undefeated team. We ended up officially tying 10-10 but I scored the winning goal with 8 seconds left. The ref was screened and didn't see the keeper scoop the ball out of the net. The ref from antoher game told us after that he was 100% sure it was in. They apologized, but whatever...doesn't matter too much. I felt good...the running and soccer is getting me fit again. I think I ended up with half our our 10 goals.

Practice tonight which is an intense outdoor workout. We will go from 5:30 until 8:30 or so...good stuff.

Sean and I are starting to consider our next race. We have a few options, but look for this to possibly morph back into a marathon training log.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Nice Beach Runs

So I put in two nice runs on Daytona Beach...Untimed...just nice relaxing runs at a solid pace. I am guessing about 4.5 miles on Saturday and 6 on Sunday. Had alot left for hard sprint finishes.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

5 Miler in Cocoa Beach

I set out for what I thought would be a 3 miles from my hotel in Cocoa Beach up to Sean and Chelsea's Hotel. I was feeling good so I went up to Ron Jon and back for a 5 mile run. I felt good in my new Nike Free 5.0's (see left). This is short. World Cup Finals. Shoot out 1-1. Nuff said. Enough to motivate me for a nice run tonight.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Excuses, excuses. Although the gap between logged runs spans two full months, I think I squeezed two or three runs in that period. I have been playing indoor soccer, and began training with a new team for my outdoor soccer season. Between that and the gym, I am pretty fit, carrying about 177 pounds, but am ready to challenge myself to reach a new level of cardio/strength. I am going to begin researching a program meant to build some combinaton of strength and real goal in mind, but I am looking into that too. Most likely I am going to work towards peaking my soccer career in the next year or two, before I roll downhill into my 40's. I am not sure I can handle another marathon due to the strain it put on my body. My ankles and knees still haven't forgiven me from last years marathon experience, and it still slightly limits my athletic performance today. Anyways, more to come.

Oh, well tonights run, was an untimed 3 miler, but I think I laid down a pretty good pace.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Only 2 runs last week, but a full 90 minute effort in a 3-2 playoff soccer loss. Calves cramped all day on Monday. Played indoor for the first time in ages. Had a hat-trick and the tying goal with a minute left in a 5-5 game. Best off, it was good fun and good exercise.

Friday, April 14, 2006

This Week

Only got in two runs this week. 3 miles and 2 miles. Both at pretty good clips. I worked a ton on my slogan t-shirts, got Find New Homes in Florida back up and running, I also met with First Alliance Capital on marketing their site.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

3 miles

Sore from the previous days run, I put in about 3.2 miles today. I am on a mission, and remember back to my marathon training when I frequently ran sore. I felt like I was moving about as fast as a pregnant snail, but I did it. Taking today (weds) off running, but hit the gym for a chest and abs workout. 5 miles Thursday.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

4.5 miles

While Sean was busy drinking lattes and eating puff pastries in some swank Paris cafe, I was busting out 4.5 miles in some early summer 90 degree heat. Started out feeling really well, and when I reached the turnaround, i realized it was because I had about a 12-15 mile per hour wind at my back. Running back into the sun and wind was tough but it felt goo to get in a "long" run. Excited to get back into running and lose those 5 pounds of winter fluff.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

couple miles

did legs Monday so I was a bit sore. I put in about 3 miles with some good 400 pace intervals mixed in last night. I started a new challenge: A good 8:20 or so mile puts me home from Red Bug in 5 minutes. From now on I am going race pace and had a nice run to put me in in 4:36 today. I am likely running the treadmill at lunch today, but I am going to top 4:36 this weekend.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 miles

Longest run in a while. I put in 4 miles in 36:18. I am debating entering a 10k in Winter Park in 10 days. I am a bit iffy though, as I have never run one before and would like to be in better shape prior to my first...

5k training run

On 3/8 was feeling pretty sick and allergies were bad, but I put in a 3.2 mile training run in 25 mins today. Decent pace and felt pretty good. It was chilly (60s) and I had a fever. sick as hell for a couple of days after this run.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scott Roy, the runner, is back!

It's not that I haven't been blogging my runs. There have only been two in the past few months. But, today was my company's Corporate Olympics. 12 people from each of our 12 divisions (plus team) we selected to represent our divisions in a variety of track and field events. Points were awared for 1st - 6th position in each event, and most events had an over and under 40 division. My events:

8 am - 5k. Having not run more than two miles in 3 months didn't hurt too bad. I ran a 22:08 (22 minutes of HELL), placing 4th overall and 1st for under 30's. Yes I got beat by 3 guys over 40. I however am most proud that I was first place for those without shaved legs.

Noon - 100 meters - I came in 1st in my first heat with a 11.10. We ran the finals twice. I was 3rd in the first final, but was beat by two guys that false started. 3 or 4 guys got out before the gun so we all ran again. In the 3rd heat, I outleaned the eventual winner, but my timer was slower (12.56 for me and 12.53 for him). Oh well, I am not bitter because Adam freely admits I beat him. Not bad against a fresh legged 22 year old kid. Silver medal

2 pm - 400 meters - I was dead tired and wasn't going to run, but yet again Sean pushed me as I wanted to do him proud. I literally stepped onto the line in lane 7 about 5 seconds before the race. I ran a distant second in that race with a time of 1:05. Another silver.

3:30 pm - 2 mile team relay - With the corporate team already guranteed the Corporate Cup, we pulled together for another Silver medal. I led off against weaker competition and ran another 1:05, giving us about a 10 second lead.

I have to say this will push me back into running, although more likely training for a 5 k PR. I was pretty proud of my efforts today. I lost both golds to kids in their early 20's that each ran track in HS and college. Anyways, I'm baaaack!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Post Marathon Run #2

Its nice to get back to lifting heavier again. Did arms yesterday, and chest today. Although I lost weight and in general look to be in better shape....I certainly lost some progress on my max lifts. I am probably lifting a solid 20% less than I was prior to really digging into my marathon training.

I ran about 4 miles last night, but didn't time it due to having lost my watch at some point prior to the marathon. I was amazed at how far I had regressed. I didn't feel sore from the marathon, rather felt like I did about a month into training. I struggled to get in the mileage and felt really sore in my calves, shins, and quads. It was nice to get back into it, and my training is going to shift more towards speed work and 5k training. I would like to improve upon my 21:57 and get to sub 20's by early summer. My first 5k will be in two weeks.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

1st Post Marathon Run and Official Marathon Pics

Well, Sean flew down to Orlando three days after the race, and on Friday evening, we went for our first post marathon jog. We put in a 4-miler and were both pretty sore.

Scott's Official Marathon photos

Sean's Official Marathon photos

Monday, November 21, 2005

Mission Complete

Well, alas I have completed my first marathon. Put on your listening sweater, grab a snifter of your favorite liqueur (or just pop a Pabst Blue Ribbon) and prepare yourself to read about this experience that roughly 10 people in the world actually find interesting.

I awoke at 4:45 to make my way to Philadelphia in the able hands/wings of Southwest Airlines. We soon met up with Sean and Sara and headed for the Race Registration tent and expo, where we spent an hour or so getting checked in and wandering through the booths. We then spent a couple of hours of R&R in the hotel room before we met one of my best friend's Kyle (and his brother Brett) for our carb filled dinner. We turned in at about 10:00 and I slept surprisingly well given the anticipation I held for the next day.

Sunday Morning Pre-Race
Somewhere around 3 or 4 am I began to drift in and out of sleep, fearful that we would somehow not get up in time (subject of a hilarious Seinfeld episode by the way). Oddly enough, I woke up at 5:17 and realized neither our alarm or wake-up call had come. Sean and I headed down to breakfast where we loaded up on bagels, english muffins, and lots of water. The mood at breakfast was a combination of nerves and excitement. After we both thoroughly tested out the capabilities of the hotel bathroom (a few times), we grabbed our kicks and headed for the Start/Finish line of our first marathon. Upon our arrival we decided to tinkle one more time before our journey. We were greeted by 100 Port-o-Potties with lines 15-20 deep. 6,000 over-hydrated and nervous runners. Needless to say that’s a lot of pee and poop folks. The girls accompanied us to the start-line where we met our Cliff Bar 4 hr pace group and fearless leader “Star”. The first words I heard her utter where that this was her 11th or 12th marathon this year, and that she had run 60 marathons before she turned 30. I think that was a combination of intimidating and comforting. Star ran the entire race with 3 balloons on a 2-foot long wooden dowel. The balloons were our beacon, and our mission would be to keep them in site.

The Philadelphia Marathon
We said our final “goodbyes” to the family and shed our top layers about 5 minutes before the gun went off. As I recall the race pretty much started without us ever having too much time to even think. We pretty much just looked at each other with that “Well, I guess this is it” look.

The early miles
The race got off to a rather precarious start for the elder Roy. About 30 yards into the race, I lost my left glove. My initial reaction was to turn and grab it, but the 4000 people behind me almost made me the first casualty of the race. I was thus forced to run the race Michael Jackson style. I had to pee before the gun even went off, and that was the primary thought in my head for the first 9 miles of the race. We made it to the first water stop, although we were negged at the second one, when the volunteers couldn’t keep up with the demand part of the ole supply and demand equation. The beginning of the race wove us through downtown and along the waterfront. Our t-shirts (which read “Run Scott Run” and “Run Sean Run”) worked out really well. It was oddly comforting to hear total strangers screaming your name. We had some fun at this point, coming up with contests of who would slap fives with spectators, etc. We saw our friends cheering us on at mile 8, and we were able to gratefully acknowledge their support. To my great relief, mile 9 brought us into the Philadelphia Zoo area where I was finally able to attend to my “pee” issue. Sean kept towards the back of our pace group and I had to put in a pretty hard half-mile (up a hill) to catch back up to Sean and the balloons.

Miles 11-20
From a physical perspective everything really started to settle in after the 10th mile, but I found this to be the toughest section from a mental standpoint. We saw the girls on an overpass at about the halfway point, and based on the course layout, we knew we would not see them again until the finish. The stretch from 15-20 was the first part an absolutely brutal out-and-back along the Schuylkill River.

At about mile 17 Sean began to show signs of what would be big trouble. We stopped twice, for a few seconds each time, for Sean to stretch out his calves, which were beginning to cramp and eventually spasm. At this point, I felt like some sort of soldier on a battleground. Sean was urging me to go on without him, but my gut and heart wanted to walk it out. I did realize that I would have wanted Sean to run it out if the roles were reversed, so I began to consider this possibility. After we started up the second time Sean was a bit behind me, but I knew he was there because I could still hear “Run Sean Run.” Due to the crowds and really sore neck muscles, I was having trouble trying to turn around and spot him. I knew we were nearing the turnaround, and hoped I would be able to check in with him then (after you made the turn you could see the other runners on their way to it).

The fan support really dwindled until about mile 19, when we entered the town of Manayunk. In this town, I took the time to dance for a guy with an entire drum-kit set up, and found myself happy to have about 4 ounces of beer at a rogue “water” stop. Other than worrying about Sean, I was feeling pretty good. The turnaround was a god-send and I think at that point I knew that I had this thing in my pocket. I stuck on the right side on the way backup, watching closely for Sean. Despite my efforts, and the facts that Sean ran by close enough to touch me and was yelled my name, I unfortunately still didn’t see him. I think that was the one point in the race when I was just in a “zone” and forging towards the finish. I still don't believe that he actually touched me and yelled out my name.

Miles 21 – 25
I was extremely fortunate that I never hit “The Wall”. In fact, I ran some of my best miles in this stretch. At mile 20, I saw the clock (3:05.24), and realized that while I wasn’t going to make 4 hours, so I focused on beating 4:04.

Miles 25 – 26
Nearing the homestretch, the crowd support was almost overwhelming. I went into my kick with about 1.5 to go, and think I ran about 7.5 minute miles or better at this point. These miles were pretty emotional…I had some gas left in the tank and I was working hard to make sure I emptied every drop, yet now that I was 100% sure that I was going to finish, my mind shifted to Sean. I crossed the finish line running hard, not fully realizing my accomplishment or celebrating my finish.

A couple of minutes after I crossed the finish-line I saw the cheering squad. I stumbled over to the fence and shared a moment with them. They kindly informed me that I literally had foam coming out of my mouth and sent me for water. I was proud of myself, but I truly felt empty. My primary concern was finding Sean…finishing the marathon would mean nothing if Sean didn’t cross that line as well. I was partially delirious and couldn’t make sense of what had happened. I knew that Sean was in better shape than me, and without really realizing how bad his cramps and spasms were, I wasn’t sure if he had passed me somewhere, been forced out of the race by the pain or what. Word then came from Sara that Sean had finished and THAT was truthfully the best moment of my day. We then hit Dave and Buster's for some beer, and we both headed off to the airport (still rocking those medals) for the cramp-filled flights home!

One Final Round of Thanks
First and foremost, I thank Sean. I am incredibly proud of you. I don’t know how you fought through what you did during that race, and were still able to finish. That’s guts man. I never would have done this without you. Whether you know it or not, you ran with me every day and together we accomplished something that I will always be incredibly proud of.

Ronnie, Ian, and Joey - thanks for all of the help. My runs with you guys were infinitely more productive than my solo missions. You fellas had my back and were a huge inspiration.

My Family and Friends in General, thank for your patience, unwavering support and for taking in interest in this passion. I know I missed allot of dinners, commitments, and laughs during this training period. Thank you for never doubting me, even when I doubted myself.

Good news and bad news folks. The good news is I will be around and available for a few nights while I recover. The bad news is that as crazy as it seems....I want to do it again.