Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Top 10 Winter Running Tips - Winter is Coming - Run Smart!

I don't have to worry about winter running tips much in Florida, but Seany-boy these are for you. These are 10 winter running tips that I have collected over the years regarding running and marathon training in the winter.
1. Dress in layers. Use light weight wicking fibers as the layer closest to your body. (Dry-fit or under armour).Wear socks made of synthetic fibers that wick moisture away from your skin to help prevent blisters and athlete's foot. (Definitely check out WICKERS.COM).

2. Know what color to wear - Your choice of clothing color can make a big difference in how well others, like drivers, can see you. If it is dark, wear light colors and reflective gear. Wear bright colors when it's snowy. If it is dark and snowy, well, perhaps you should just find a new time to run. If you must run when it is dark and snowy, where bright colors with reflective gear. Those orange reflective vests are great for this purpose. Be careful running in low light conditions both because of road traffic, uneven pavement and also be aware of increased balance problems.
3. WEAR A HAT - Remember that your head may be responsible for about 40% of heat loss. Keep your head covered and wear gloves.
4. Still need Sun Block and Shades - Apply skin protection using sun block and moisturizers as appropriate. UV exposure is not good in the winter as well as summer. Snow is highly reflective, and the glare that bounces off of it can lead to snow blindness. Sunglasses fix this problem in an instant. Opt for ones with polarized lenses.
5. You still Need Hydration - This is more important than you think. You should drink plenty of water before, during, and after your run. Even if you are not sweating, you are losing a lot of water which causes dehydration. If you become dehydrated, your body has trouble regulating your temperature, your immune system is lowered, and you can even faint, among other things.
6. Warm up better - Warm up slowly and gently before your runs and especially before doing speed work.
7. Dry Off Quickly - If you finish your runs at home, that's great. Change into dry clothes as soon as you get in from your run. On the other hand, if you're going to finish your run anywhere that you don't have the luxury of changing, be sure to bring a couple of pairs of dry socks (at the least) to change into until you can get back home.8. Don't run on ice. Beware of Black Ice on the pavement.
9. Loosen Up! (your shoes) - Don't wear tight shoes, because they increase the risk of frostbite and can contribute to the development of neuromas, or benign growths of nerves between the toes, which need to be treated by a doctor.
10. Slow Down Charlie! - Don't do speedwork in bone chilling cold. You are risking injury. Most wise runners use this season for maintenance runs.

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