Sunday, December 16, 2007

Treadmill Speed Vs. Road Minutes Per Mile Chart

Since many of you are starting to run on the treadmill for the winter, I dug up a handy treadmill Speed Vs. Road Minutes Per Mile Chart.

Treadmill Mile Per Hour Setting - Equivalent Pace Per Mile
5 - 12 minute miles
5.2 - 11:32 minute miles
5.4 - 11:07 minute miles
5.6 - 10:43 minute miles
5.8 - 10:21 minute miles
6 - 10:00 minute miles
6.2 - 9:41 minute miles
6.4 - 9:23 minute miles
6.6 - 9:05 minute miles
6.8 - 8:49 minute miles
7.0 - 8:34 minute miles
7.2 - 8:20 minute miles
7.4 - 8:06 minute miles
7.6 - 7:54 minute miles
7.8 - 7:42 minute miles
8 - 7:30 minute miles
8.2 7:19 minute miles
8.4 - 7:09 minute miles
8.6 - 6:59 minute miles
8.8 - 6:49 minute miles
9 - 6:40 minute miles
9.2 - 6:31 minute miles
9.4 - 6:23 minute miles
9.6 - 6:15 minute miles
9.8 - 6:07 minute miles
10 - 6:00 minute miles

2.25 Miles

I ran about 2.25 miles at an 8:34 pace today. I faced 25-40 mile per hour wind gusts during my run and found it quite challenging. Again though, I feel like a runner again. I have a marketing plan to present to my board of directors on Wednesday and don't see any running Monday or Tuesday. I need the time off though, so I will hit it hard Weds, and Thrusday before I fly to get Jules on Friday!

Monday, December 10, 2007

1/2 Marathon to Prepare for a Future Marathon? I am thinking about it

So I have run a marathon, and am getting the itch to do another. I haven't fun a half-marathon, and i think it would be both cool to do one, as well as a good building block for preparing my mind and body for the thought of a more grueling marathon. As I have stated, I would love to run the Kentucky Derby Marathon...maybe even this year. I am considering using this half-marathon training plan. It includes 35 miles a week, and plenty of speed and fartlek workouts. That puts me on pace for a Feb 25th 1/2 Marathon. Interestingly, Sean, that puts me in the same weekend as the Hyannis half-marathon. Anyways

No Rest For this Runner - 4.08 Miles Tonight - Joined the Nike Plus 100+ Club

First of all, I feel like I can call myself a runner again. I miss the feeling of pride in being able to say that. Secondly, I joined the 100+ club on Nike Plus (Click here to see my certificate). I did that with my last chip/login too, but started over somewhere along the way. In 45 runs I logged 102.54 miles at an average pace of 8:24. Tonight's run on a treadmill was 4 mile temple run in 35 minutes. I ran around a 8:45 - 9 minute mile pace, and kicked it up to 7:40 for a couple of quarter mile intervals. My ipod is still under counting slightly. According to the treadmill I ran 4.2.

I believe I have earned a day of rest tomorrow, but I may possibly go for a short 2-3 mile easy run. I am experiencing some toe sorness.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

6 Mile Run - Scott Roy put in a 6 Mile Run on a Beautiful Orlando Day

Put in a nice mile run today...Beautiful day...78 degreees, low humidity, sunny, light breeze. I put in 6.07 miles in 51:07 for about a 8:20 pace. I felt good, and really hope to get in a pacey 2 miler tomorrow. My stomach was bothering me for a while and after the run it was really bothering me. I don't think it was from my Crohn's Disease...felt more like dehydration. I ran to my inlaws house and they weren't home yet. Nothing like a 6 mile run, then no liquid at the end. But alas, another great thing about living in Orlando, Florida. I pulled 2 oranges off the orange tree in their yard, and promptly devoured them. Yum. I feel like I am making a little bit of progress towards my goal of competing in another marathon. Would love to do the Kentucky Derby marathon...but not without my brothers. We have some good Nike Plus ipod challenges going....glad to contribute to our 50 mile by Christmas goal.

Friday, December 07, 2007

5k Treadmill Run - (acutally 5.16 k) in 26:33 - Broke Treadmill Mile Record

I ran 5k on my treadmill. Sean always runs on a treadmill and I don't think it can begin to compare to pavement, but hey I will cut him some slack since he chooses to live in the cold ass city of Ashland, Ma. Sean Roy in Ashland, Ma. Whooda thunkit? But I digress. I broke my treadmill mile record today, putting in a 7:13 mile. I wonder what speed I would have had to run on the treadmill to get a 7 minute mile. Anywhow, after my 5k treadmill run....I am now thinking about running 6 miles tomorrow at an 8:39 pace. It's been a long time since I broke 5.5, so we will see. I must say that I really do live my Nike Plus iPod kit. That thing allows me to connect with runners worldwide, including my brothers.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ran a Couple Miles and Calibrated my Nike Plus iPod

Sean posted about calibrating his ipod, and I decided to do so today. First I ran down Red Bug to the gym (1.71 miles). My time for the 1.71 was13:57 minues and an 8:08 pace. I guess I am running father than I am getting credit for, because next I went to the calibration stage. I ran .25 on the treadmill to calibrate my Nike Ipod Plus. I got credit for .20. I calibrated then ran .75 and got credit for .70, so I guess I need to keep trying it. I will upload my runs to nikeplus tomorrow from work. I am feeling really good on my and light (even though i am not!) Time for my Humira shot...gotta love Running and Crohn's Disease.

I am really excited that Stever got his Nike Plus kit today for one of his 10 ipods. Sean and I look forward to him running "with" us. Luckily for them, they get to run together if they can find/make the time. It is so helpful to run with a partner. Again, people...I am looking for someone to run 8-9 minute miles and am looking for a new goal or challenge....If you are in the orlando area, and are looking for a running partner, gimme a shout. I am in Casselberry (off of Red Bug Lake Rd) and am looking to meet someone new that wants a running partner.