Monday, December 10, 2007

No Rest For this Runner - 4.08 Miles Tonight - Joined the Nike Plus 100+ Club

First of all, I feel like I can call myself a runner again. I miss the feeling of pride in being able to say that. Secondly, I joined the 100+ club on Nike Plus (Click here to see my certificate). I did that with my last chip/login too, but started over somewhere along the way. In 45 runs I logged 102.54 miles at an average pace of 8:24. Tonight's run on a treadmill was 4 mile temple run in 35 minutes. I ran around a 8:45 - 9 minute mile pace, and kicked it up to 7:40 for a couple of quarter mile intervals. My ipod is still under counting slightly. According to the treadmill I ran 4.2.

I believe I have earned a day of rest tomorrow, but I may possibly go for a short 2-3 mile easy run. I am experiencing some toe sorness.

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Sean said...

What's a temple run? Looks like your run had more ups and downs in it than Paris Hilton's sex video.