Sunday, December 09, 2007

6 Mile Run - Scott Roy put in a 6 Mile Run on a Beautiful Orlando Day

Put in a nice mile run today...Beautiful day...78 degreees, low humidity, sunny, light breeze. I put in 6.07 miles in 51:07 for about a 8:20 pace. I felt good, and really hope to get in a pacey 2 miler tomorrow. My stomach was bothering me for a while and after the run it was really bothering me. I don't think it was from my Crohn's Disease...felt more like dehydration. I ran to my inlaws house and they weren't home yet. Nothing like a 6 mile run, then no liquid at the end. But alas, another great thing about living in Orlando, Florida. I pulled 2 oranges off the orange tree in their yard, and promptly devoured them. Yum. I feel like I am making a little bit of progress towards my goal of competing in another marathon. Would love to do the Kentucky Derby marathon...but not without my brothers. We have some good Nike Plus ipod challenges going....glad to contribute to our 50 mile by Christmas goal.


Sean said...

10K in 51 minutes is tight! Good work! Running faster than Michael Jackson chasing kids at his theme park.

Sherrye said...

Hi Scott,
We're wondering if you would like a review copy of a soon-to-be-off press book about IBD by a doctor at Mayo Clinic. It has patient stories, the latest treatments, and in-depth info on how to live better with IBD.
Thanks for your blogs!