Saturday, October 29, 2005

Second Ever Race - 22:21 5k

This morning I participated in the "Dick Batchelor Run for the Children" 5k. This would be the second race of my life, and first since I was skinny little punk in 1998. They say you are racing against yourself, and I am proud to say the 30 year old Scott Roy whipped that lil punk by 14 seconds.

The morning started off chilly, but with the sun rising, race time conditions were 60 degrees, sunny, with a crisp wind between 10-15 mph. Looking like a pimp in bib 771, my official time was 22:21 (start-horn to finish-line) and my actual time (start-line to finish-line) was 21:57. My average pace was a solid 7:03. I placed 96th out of about 1,000 runners and 7th in my age group. I felt pretty good and had too much to give at the end. Hopefully next time I can pace myself a bit better and improve upon my time. I started towards the back of the pack and passed people continually. As I get more experience I should be able to improve by running with my pace group.

Today didn't do allot for my Marathon training but it was good to participate in a race. I am really proud (something I don't often admit). Thanks to Sean for keeping me motivated, as well as to Ian and Ronnie for all of those training runs. The three of you are the best running partners a guy could ask for.

Tomorrow we have a critical soccer game, and Tuesday or Wednesday will be my last chance to make 20 miles before the marathon. Stay tuned peeps.

Oh, and this is the only picture of me running...this is about 50 yards from the finish. I beat 2686 by 3 seconds and the older guy by 4

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two Hours and Twenty-two Minutes of Pain

After a few short - med runs (3-8 miles) that I didn't blog, I put in 2 hours and 22 minutes last night. Ronnie got stuck at work and Ian was sick so I had to run alone yesterday. With them running, we would have been shooting for closer to 3 hours which is what it would take me to get in 20 miles. Without them, I planned to run for 2 hours and then play in an 8 v 8 co-ed game. After 2 hours I realized there wasn't a chance in hell I was standing, nevermind playing soccer following the run.

I know it sounds lame to you Northern folk, but I I was FREEZING (it was in the mid-50's). I ran in shorts and a Nike dri-fit under armour type thing and froze. My hands were numb after 30 minutes and the feeling of two dead weights at the end of the arm was bothering my wrists. The numb-hand thing is Crohn's/Anemia related thing where I can't get the circulation I need to my hands and feet. I know understand the whole thermal blanket things after marathons. I was so cold that I had to have Amy wrap me in blankets when I got home. It took me over an hour to warm up to a reasonable temperature.

I have never really experienced the "wall" that many runners describe. Yesterday's pre-run nutrition was garbage. I was slammed at work and my food was unintentionally a granola bar, about 1/4 pound of plain turkey meat, and a gu during the run). As a result, I hit the wall like I never have before. I mean I reeealy gutted it out to go as long as I did.

Still, I only have one more solid chance to get in 3 hours before I need to taper. I am only covering about 2/3 of the mileage which is making me really nervous. If I met the same issues yesterday during the race, I think chances are slim, even with determination, that I could have finished. On the plus side, my legs feel pretty good today.

I am not giving up, and one way or another I AM going to compete in and finish this marathon. I plan on booking my trip and registering tonight for Philly.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

2:08 - About 14.25 miles

Nice run with Ronnie last night. Assuming we were running a 9 minute mile pace (I think we were a tad quicker), we put in 14.25 miles last night. I would like to think we hit 15. We ran 5 miles up a bike trail to Baldwin Park, popped out on Bennet. Took Bennet to Corrine to Nebraska to Mills to Fairbanks to Aloma, to Lakemont and then back to the soccer field we started at. Some of our friends were playing a co-ed game so we finished with two laps around the field and then chatted it up with one of my favorite Aussies (big ups to Heatheroowski).

As usual I was pretty miserable the first 30 minutes. My feet were pretty sore the whole run. I felt a bit better from 30-50. Knee started bothering me pretty badly around 50. Popped a gu-gel at the hour mark. I started feeling better at about 1:20. We stopped the clock and took a break at 1:28 to watch about 5 minutes of the Rollins vs. Tampa college soccer game. I finished strong and feel that I had another 20 minutes in me before I started feeling really rough. I am sore, yet nowhere near the level of soreness I experienced after the last long run.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

3.2 - 25:30

Felt pretty good running the day after my game. Hit the gym in the am so my chest was about the sorest thing. That'll feel really good at about the 10 mile mark tomorrow. Hoping to 2 hours and 10 mins.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

28:33 about 4 miles

I had planned a 15 mile run today but due to about 65 reasons had to postpone that till Friday. We had a good run but I am behind.

Friday, October 07, 2005

5k in 22:06

5k Firestation and back 22 minutes. Didn't feel like running long so I pushed a little bit on this lil 3 miler.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

13.25 Miles in 2 hours

Well, I set a new best today in terms of time and mileage. 13.25 miles in 2 hours and 6 seconds. Ronnie and I ran from our home soccer field in Casselberry up into Oviedo and back. I wasn't very well rested as I was coming off a soccer match Sunday and a 43 minute run with Joey yesterday. I started off tight and loosened up pretty good at about the 40 minute mark. I had a GU-gel at the 52 minute mark...don't think it did much. My feet and neck hurt the most, with my quads coming in a distant third. I was really sore last night, but don't feel much worse this morning than usual. All in all I am proud that I completed a "half-marathon", but with a month and change to go, I am not very comfortable with where I am. It is going to take serious effort to even come close to doubling what I did on this run.

CURRENT WEIGHT - 177 (Finally sheddin some pounds!!)