Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two Hours and Twenty-two Minutes of Pain

After a few short - med runs (3-8 miles) that I didn't blog, I put in 2 hours and 22 minutes last night. Ronnie got stuck at work and Ian was sick so I had to run alone yesterday. With them running, we would have been shooting for closer to 3 hours which is what it would take me to get in 20 miles. Without them, I planned to run for 2 hours and then play in an 8 v 8 co-ed game. After 2 hours I realized there wasn't a chance in hell I was standing, nevermind playing soccer following the run.

I know it sounds lame to you Northern folk, but I I was FREEZING (it was in the mid-50's). I ran in shorts and a Nike dri-fit under armour type thing and froze. My hands were numb after 30 minutes and the feeling of two dead weights at the end of the arm was bothering my wrists. The numb-hand thing is Crohn's/Anemia related thing where I can't get the circulation I need to my hands and feet. I know understand the whole thermal blanket things after marathons. I was so cold that I had to have Amy wrap me in blankets when I got home. It took me over an hour to warm up to a reasonable temperature.

I have never really experienced the "wall" that many runners describe. Yesterday's pre-run nutrition was garbage. I was slammed at work and my food was unintentionally a granola bar, about 1/4 pound of plain turkey meat, and a gu during the run). As a result, I hit the wall like I never have before. I mean I reeealy gutted it out to go as long as I did.

Still, I only have one more solid chance to get in 3 hours before I need to taper. I am only covering about 2/3 of the mileage which is making me really nervous. If I met the same issues yesterday during the race, I think chances are slim, even with determination, that I could have finished. On the plus side, my legs feel pretty good today.

I am not giving up, and one way or another I AM going to compete in and finish this marathon. I plan on booking my trip and registering tonight for Philly.

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