Wednesday, October 19, 2005

2:08 - About 14.25 miles

Nice run with Ronnie last night. Assuming we were running a 9 minute mile pace (I think we were a tad quicker), we put in 14.25 miles last night. I would like to think we hit 15. We ran 5 miles up a bike trail to Baldwin Park, popped out on Bennet. Took Bennet to Corrine to Nebraska to Mills to Fairbanks to Aloma, to Lakemont and then back to the soccer field we started at. Some of our friends were playing a co-ed game so we finished with two laps around the field and then chatted it up with one of my favorite Aussies (big ups to Heatheroowski).

As usual I was pretty miserable the first 30 minutes. My feet were pretty sore the whole run. I felt a bit better from 30-50. Knee started bothering me pretty badly around 50. Popped a gu-gel at the hour mark. I started feeling better at about 1:20. We stopped the clock and took a break at 1:28 to watch about 5 minutes of the Rollins vs. Tampa college soccer game. I finished strong and feel that I had another 20 minutes in me before I started feeling really rough. I am sore, yet nowhere near the level of soreness I experienced after the last long run.

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Sean said...

Wow. Nice run man! Keep up the good work. 32 days until the marathon. Will we be ready?????