Thursday, March 30, 2006

couple miles

did legs Monday so I was a bit sore. I put in about 3 miles with some good 400 pace intervals mixed in last night. I started a new challenge: A good 8:20 or so mile puts me home from Red Bug in 5 minutes. From now on I am going race pace and had a nice run to put me in in 4:36 today. I am likely running the treadmill at lunch today, but I am going to top 4:36 this weekend.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

4 miles

Longest run in a while. I put in 4 miles in 36:18. I am debating entering a 10k in Winter Park in 10 days. I am a bit iffy though, as I have never run one before and would like to be in better shape prior to my first...

5k training run

On 3/8 was feeling pretty sick and allergies were bad, but I put in a 3.2 mile training run in 25 mins today. Decent pace and felt pretty good. It was chilly (60s) and I had a fever. sick as hell for a couple of days after this run.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scott Roy, the runner, is back!

It's not that I haven't been blogging my runs. There have only been two in the past few months. But, today was my company's Corporate Olympics. 12 people from each of our 12 divisions (plus team) we selected to represent our divisions in a variety of track and field events. Points were awared for 1st - 6th position in each event, and most events had an over and under 40 division. My events:

8 am - 5k. Having not run more than two miles in 3 months didn't hurt too bad. I ran a 22:08 (22 minutes of HELL), placing 4th overall and 1st for under 30's. Yes I got beat by 3 guys over 40. I however am most proud that I was first place for those without shaved legs.

Noon - 100 meters - I came in 1st in my first heat with a 11.10. We ran the finals twice. I was 3rd in the first final, but was beat by two guys that false started. 3 or 4 guys got out before the gun so we all ran again. In the 3rd heat, I outleaned the eventual winner, but my timer was slower (12.56 for me and 12.53 for him). Oh well, I am not bitter because Adam freely admits I beat him. Not bad against a fresh legged 22 year old kid. Silver medal

2 pm - 400 meters - I was dead tired and wasn't going to run, but yet again Sean pushed me as I wanted to do him proud. I literally stepped onto the line in lane 7 about 5 seconds before the race. I ran a distant second in that race with a time of 1:05. Another silver.

3:30 pm - 2 mile team relay - With the corporate team already guranteed the Corporate Cup, we pulled together for another Silver medal. I led off against weaker competition and ran another 1:05, giving us about a 10 second lead.

I have to say this will push me back into running, although more likely training for a 5 k PR. I was pretty proud of my efforts today. I lost both golds to kids in their early 20's that each ran track in HS and college. Anyways, I'm baaaack!