Monday, August 14, 2006

Nike + - First Run

I finally got my Nike Plus Shoes and took my first run tonight. 20 minutes, 2.55 miles, 7:55/mile pace. I was pretty sore from my soccer game yesterday but felt pretty good. It was hot (95), but I wanted to get a run into the shoes. They felt a bit tight, but I am used to running in a pair of Nike Frees with no socks. Having login issues, but I look forward to uploading my run and playing with the Nike + online features. After further review, I love the nike plus running system. For those of you that don't know what it works like this. Get a nike+ enabled shoe (most of their running shoes are). Get the kit that comes with the ipod receiver (plus into bottom) and a little chip for under the sole of your left shoe. Go for a run and your ipod keeps time, pace and results. Lance Armstrong or Paula Radcliffe tell you how you fared. Its nice after a fast run to hear Lance tell you that you just ran your fastest mile. Good stuff. I compete in challenges (distance, speeed, etc) with my brother in Boston and other friends. Great motivational tool. Props to nike plus for this one! Great training tool!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 for one entry - 2 runs, 1 indoor soccer game

Saturday - Needing a change of pace I drove up to a nature trail and planned to run about 3 miles. i ran 3 miles, got some water at the 7-11 that I parked at then ran 3 more miles. 48 minutes.

Tuesday - We won 14-5 in indoor...I had a very strong defensive performance, and played the Bob Proebert enforcer role.

Wednesday - I stopped at the nature trail on my way home from work. It was officially 97 degrees, so I pu in 2.5 miles without my watch just to get something in for the day

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

100 degrees...1 fast lap around the hood

maybe .7 miles. Not really in the mood to run or blog about it.