Tuesday, October 04, 2005

13.25 Miles in 2 hours

Well, I set a new best today in terms of time and mileage. 13.25 miles in 2 hours and 6 seconds. Ronnie and I ran from our home soccer field in Casselberry up into Oviedo and back. I wasn't very well rested as I was coming off a soccer match Sunday and a 43 minute run with Joey yesterday. I started off tight and loosened up pretty good at about the 40 minute mark. I had a GU-gel at the 52 minute mark...don't think it did much. My feet and neck hurt the most, with my quads coming in a distant third. I was really sore last night, but don't feel much worse this morning than usual. All in all I am proud that I completed a "half-marathon", but with a month and change to go, I am not very comfortable with where I am. It is going to take serious effort to even come close to doubling what I did on this run.

CURRENT WEIGHT - 177 (Finally sheddin some pounds!!)

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