Saturday, October 29, 2005

Second Ever Race - 22:21 5k

This morning I participated in the "Dick Batchelor Run for the Children" 5k. This would be the second race of my life, and first since I was skinny little punk in 1998. They say you are racing against yourself, and I am proud to say the 30 year old Scott Roy whipped that lil punk by 14 seconds.

The morning started off chilly, but with the sun rising, race time conditions were 60 degrees, sunny, with a crisp wind between 10-15 mph. Looking like a pimp in bib 771, my official time was 22:21 (start-horn to finish-line) and my actual time (start-line to finish-line) was 21:57. My average pace was a solid 7:03. I placed 96th out of about 1,000 runners and 7th in my age group. I felt pretty good and had too much to give at the end. Hopefully next time I can pace myself a bit better and improve upon my time. I started towards the back of the pack and passed people continually. As I get more experience I should be able to improve by running with my pace group.

Today didn't do allot for my Marathon training but it was good to participate in a race. I am really proud (something I don't often admit). Thanks to Sean for keeping me motivated, as well as to Ian and Ronnie for all of those training runs. The three of you are the best running partners a guy could ask for.

Tomorrow we have a critical soccer game, and Tuesday or Wednesday will be my last chance to make 20 miles before the marathon. Stay tuned peeps.

Oh, and this is the only picture of me running...this is about 50 yards from the finish. I beat 2686 by 3 seconds and the older guy by 4


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Sean said...

Awesome job man. Too bad Dewwy got to post before me, but you had a great race. Less than 3 weeks to go until Philly. We are gonna lay the smack down on the course.