Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ran a Couple Miles and Calibrated my Nike Plus iPod

Sean posted about calibrating his ipod, and I decided to do so today. First I ran down Red Bug to the gym (1.71 miles). My time for the 1.71 was13:57 minues and an 8:08 pace. I guess I am running father than I am getting credit for, because next I went to the calibration stage. I ran .25 on the treadmill to calibrate my Nike Ipod Plus. I got credit for .20. I calibrated then ran .75 and got credit for .70, so I guess I need to keep trying it. I will upload my runs to nikeplus tomorrow from work. I am feeling really good on my runs...fast and light (even though i am not!) Time for my Humira shot...gotta love Running and Crohn's Disease.

I am really excited that Stever got his Nike Plus kit today for one of his 10 ipods. Sean and I look forward to him running "with" us. Luckily for them, they get to run together if they can find/make the time. It is so helpful to run with a partner. Again, people...I am looking for someone to run 8-9 minute miles and am looking for a new goal or challenge....If you are in the orlando area, and are looking for a running partner, gimme a shout. I am in Casselberry (off of Red Bug Lake Rd) and am looking to meet someone new that wants a running partner.

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