Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Excuses, excuses. Although the gap between logged runs spans two full months, I think I squeezed two or three runs in that period. I have been playing indoor soccer, and began training with a new team for my outdoor soccer season. Between that and the gym, I am pretty fit, carrying about 177 pounds, but am ready to challenge myself to reach a new level of cardio/strength. I am going to begin researching a program meant to build some combinaton of strength and real goal in mind, but I am looking into that too. Most likely I am going to work towards peaking my soccer career in the next year or two, before I roll downhill into my 40's. I am not sure I can handle another marathon due to the strain it put on my body. My ankles and knees still haven't forgiven me from last years marathon experience, and it still slightly limits my athletic performance today. Anyways, more to come.

Oh, well tonights run, was an untimed 3 miler, but I think I laid down a pretty good pace.

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