Monday, August 13, 2007

Soccer Injury, Slow running this week, Props to Sean's 10k

I played a 120 minute long soccer match Friday on a typical August, steamy night in Florida. I came out drained, but with a sore neck (not exactly sure how). After a day at the beach Saturday (LOADED with physical, running, drinking, etc), I played a full match again on Sunday. In the first half I went up to win a header and my neck got rocked back. I can barely move my upper body and am in excruciating pain. I am supposed to have a co-ed game tonight, and an indoor game Tuesday. I am not sure whether I will play in either OR run. Congratulations to Sean for another great finish in the Shelburne Falls (Mass) Bridge of Flowers 10k. Awesome work bro. You definitely inspire me.

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Found your blog on mybloglog - great job running and playing soccer. I laughed at your post at feeling like the old guy out there at 30 - I know that feeling as I get passed by young runners on our trail. My husband has been living with crohn's for about 19 years - I know it is tough - hope it is going well.