Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Night Soccer

This weekend will be loaded with soccer. I played 120 minutes with a 5 minute break with some Christian organization tonight. 11 v 11 refereed scrimmage. I just showed up to play with the Spanish players on the side field and ended up on center court....Had two nice goals, and my friend Holly from my Co-ed team (Orlando Sport and Social Club) was there. I have a CFSL (Central Florida Soccer League). Hitting Daytona Beach for some beach soccer tomorrow, then have an over 30 premiere game on Sunday, Co-ed Monday, Indoor Tuesday, and likely more co-ed Thursday...which takes me back to Friday for Christian League. So, if all goes well and work and family permit..I will get in 6 good days of soccer this week. Orlando's David Beckham is gonna get it done!

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