Saturday, August 25, 2007

First Ever Serious Road Bike Ride Followed By a Run..Sprint Triathalon Anyone?

Yeah, so at dinner last night some friends are talking about sprint triathalons. One of my friends even completed the bike portion on a beach cruiser. Well, I think I may go for it. So this morning I biked 10.8 miles. I hadn't biked this far on a road bike ever so running was not in the cards. Just to see what it felt like on tired legs, I did run 1/2 mile. I think I can do just was tough because of some Crohn's related issues (I will leave it at that) I have been having today. Anyway, Sean...I know you are thinking about it, and would without a doubt demolish whatever time I can pull off..keep me posted as to whether or not you are going to do a sprint-triathalon. If you are in the Orlando area and looking to train for a sprint-triathalon (there are upcoming ones in Orlando on Sept 15 and October 7th) let me know.

Oh, and if I feel ok, I am going to get in a 2 mile run tonight then another 10 mile plus bike ride tomorrow.


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