Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Post Marathon Run #2

Its nice to get back to lifting heavier again. Did arms yesterday, and chest today. Although I lost weight and in general look to be in better shape....I certainly lost some progress on my max lifts. I am probably lifting a solid 20% less than I was prior to really digging into my marathon training.

I ran about 4 miles last night, but didn't time it due to having lost my watch at some point prior to the marathon. I was amazed at how far I had regressed. I didn't feel sore from the marathon, rather felt like I did about a month into training. I struggled to get in the mileage and felt really sore in my calves, shins, and quads. It was nice to get back into it, and my training is going to shift more towards speed work and 5k training. I would like to improve upon my 21:57 and get to sub 20's by early summer. My first 5k will be in two weeks.

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