Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Last Call

I put in a couple of fast miles last night to help the cardio system recover from resting my old bones for a couple of days (I got banged up my last soccer match of the season on Sunday). I am going to put in 4 tonight as my last "real" run and just take a couple of mile jog tomorrow night. This may well be my last post before I hop on the flight for Philadelphia.

This run means allot to me, probably more than I have let on to even myself…I want to meet my little brother’s challenge. I want to meet my own personal challenge. In ways I cannot explain. If you go back to my first post, this all started with a discussion I had with Sean about aging, gaining weight, etc. In ways that I cannot really explain, I have come to strongly relate this marathon to my Crohn’s Disease. I see it as a way to tell my body that it is healthy, and a way for me to stay in control. My diet has improved, my weight is down about 10 pounds, and my stomach has been pretty healthy. I hope that Crohn’s never impedes my ability to run, but if it does, I will know that I have prepared my body and my mind through running.

I'm done to get all sappy and shit (see, don’t I seem all hardcore now because I said shit!). I have worked hard towards my goal, and am quite honestly not quite physically ready to run a marathon. Then again, other than elite marathoners, few are. Here is to the mental preparation and willpower overcoming any physical shortcomings. Allot of people have helped, challenged, and supported me in this sometime seemingly ludicrous venture. To them, my sincerest thanks. I hope I make you all proud.

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Sean said...

Almost there bro...Regardless of what happens on Sunday I am proud of you for just getting this far. Back in July when we started this conversation, it was half-hearted as I did not think we could make true on our promise to show up in Philly 4 months down the road staring at the start line of a 26.2 run. I am proud of you for coming this far---Let's give it a shot and see what we can do this weekend.
After this weekend, you are serving me with the next challenge....