Monday, November 07, 2005

Got my 20 miler in! (3:03)

Well, I need to measure it but Ronnie and I ran 3 hrs and 3 minutes. Assuming we kept a 9 minute/mile pace, which I believe we did, we put in 20 miles. We started at Ward Park, ran down to Lake Eola, made a couple of circles, looped through downtown Orlando and headed back to Ward in Winter Park.

Very tiring, but I felt pretty good after, as well as Saturday, and played pretty much unaffected in Sunday's soccer match. I am going to a sports medicine specialist about my ankle today, so keep your fingers crossed there. I also have a strained has nagged me for years but I aggravated it while tripping on cobblestone Friday. Other than that I feel good.

Easy 4 miler this evening. -Scott


Sean said...
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Sean said...

Beautiful! We are so close to that starting line in Philly. The hardest part of the marathon (the training) is almost behind us! If we have handled over 100 days worth, we can certainly handle 1 day on November 20th. Can't wait bro!