Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Old Blog, New Life- More Workouts and Running

So Scott Roy is back. This blog is going to take on a bit of a new life as I chronicle my workouts, both at the gym and on the road, in an effort to drag my almost 34 year old body back into shape. Crohn's Disease be damned, I have worked out the past two nights and will not let that or anything else beat me.

A big part of that is having Sarah at my side, and I know that we will push each other to be the best we can be. Funny thing, our relationship so far. Maybe it's God's sense of humor or maybe we just both stepped out of our normal shells, but how can you take two fitness junkies....put them together and come up with a couple that has seen the inside of a gym less than 10 times in 6 months?? We are both strong-willed people and now that we have decided to get back to fun in fitness as opposed to fun in be lazy or wacthing a game at Gators....we will do it. While my LA Fitness membership has been charity to them, I rejoined Planet Fitness for $1 and 10 bucks a month.

Yesterday we started out with a quick cardio warm-up followed by squats, seated-rows alternating with push-ups and then step-ups alternating with abs. After a warmup I did (2x) 15 reps with 45 lb plates on each side and I think I was doing 105 on the rows up to 135. Stepups we each used 15 lb weights and did 15 reps with each legs with abs in between.

Our first day back was puntuated by some joker mistakenly adding his stuff to my unlocked locker and putting his lock on. We had to have them get the bolt cutters or else Sarah would have had me going through another hour of pain.

Today I ran 2 miles in 16 minutes while Sarah did 20 on the elliptical. We then did shoulder press (15 reps of 25, then 12 at 30 and 12 at 35). We alternated those with wide-grip pull-downs. 15x105, 15x120, 12x135). My stomach did cut the workout short as we followed this with just 3 sets on the bench. With much trepidation, knowing this would be the tell-tale sign of weakness, I loaded on the 45s and did 15 reps on the bench press. Followed this with 10 more at 135 and finally 5 at 155. Sad but true. Hey, it gives me an honest base point even if it is a bit frustrating. 

Getting back into lifting and working out after such a layoffwill be a challenge, but my life has been full of them lately and with my faith in God, self-respect desire to be the best I can be for Sarah; I will get it done.

So to summarize the workouts:
Day 1
Exercise Reps Weight
Squats 15,15,15 95,135,135
Rows 15,15,15 105,120,135
Push-Ups 15,15,15
Step-Ups 15,15,15 30,30,30

Day 2
Cardio: 2 miles in 18 minutes
Exercise Reps Weight
Shoulder Press 15,12,12 25s,30s,35s
alternated with
Wide Grip Pull Downs 15,15,12 105,120,135
Bench Press 15,12,5 135,135,155

Current Weight - A Grotesque 184

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Sarah's Blog said...

Aw... you think we are hard headed, stuborn, set in our ways???? Haha no way; that's not us. The past two nights have been amazing working up a sweat again. I'm wondering if I'll be able to walk tomorrow. I'm thinking it's going to be tough and even tougher trying to play soccer on some sore legs that don't want to move. Good luck to us! Yay for not being chunks anymore (although we sure did have some fun while it lasted)!