Thursday, January 15, 2009

Great Workout Today

I was ready for the gym from the moment I woke up today. Had to wait until 7:30. We did 14 minutes on the cross-trainer (1.55 miles).

Bench - 4 sets
15 x 135
10 x 145
6 x 155
7 x 145
My 6 months out of the gym and my almost 34 years of age is most apparent on the bench. It is so aggravating knowing that I used to warm up with 150 and max out at 22o. I bet I could put up my body weight once....and I woulden't risk too much on that. It's aggravating, yet motivating.

We moved on to military presses, supersetted with dual-axis pulldowns.

15 x 60 (behind head)
12 x 70 (behind head)
12 x 70 (to chest)

Pull Downs
12 x (100)
10 x (115)
10 x (100)

Next did two sets of tricep extensions laying on back
12 x 20 lb dumbbells
12 x 20 lb dumblells supersetted with narrow grip presses

Finished up with two sets of shrugs. 55 lb dumbells, moving up to 60.

Could barely drive home after. Had a smoothie with fruit and muscle milk and did up some chicken and peas. Time for a Natty light!

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