Thursday, January 10, 2008

2 Mile Run (not on the treadmill!)

So I have been doing some treadmill running, but I finally got back on the road last night for a nice little 2.25 mile run. 8:07 pace. I ran at night and wore my running light (I highly recommend using an LED running light for visibility at night). Got home and had a beer with my neighbor and he told me he saw some flashing light running down the road. Guess it worked! Anyways, I am on the road again (again)! I rocked out with my nike amp plus. Love that thing.


apickert said...

I am going in for tests to see if it is colitis or crohn's but I struggle seerly with stomach issues normally but when I run especially long ones it is horrible.Do you have anything that has worked for you.My IBD was bad three years ago when I was training for my first half and now I am 30 and want to do my first full marathon and the training is killing my stomach issues.Any advice?

Scottie and ames said...

My best advice is to go for the tests and they WILL put you on something that works...Best to know what you are dealing with.