Tuesday, August 02, 2005

5.8 Miles in 52 Minutes

Running at just under 9 minute mile pace, I put in the longest run of my life both in terms of miles (5.8), and time (52 minutes). It all began when I sent Ian the maquest directions from his house to mine with the text "hmm." I told Amy that I would be home by 7:15 ish, and in fact I was a few minutes early. She was however a bit confused when both Ian and I showed up for dinner. Once she figured out what we had done, her confusion turned to amazement, and then pride. Making her proud made me incredibly proud.

Thanks Ian for pushing me man and expecting more of me than I expect from myself (I just want to finish this marathon alive, while Ian is pushing me towards a sub 4 hr time). Sean, your call and blogs on your own runs are a huge source of motivation. You are pushing me from twelve hundred miles away. I am running as hard as I can, and while I don't think that "catching" you is feasible, you better watch your ass cause I am coming for ya.


Sean said...

Incredible run bro! I read something like that, and how can I not run hard when I hit the streets? Very impressive. Keep it up!

blahblahhahhah said...

I am super proud of you both as well - especially you scottie! Ian has been running forever, so for you to be keeping pace with him and doing so well, so quickly is ultra impressive.
Thanks as well for the help with the car a couple of days ago - you guys are just wonderful.
Keep on, keepin' on..!