Thursday, August 11, 2005

1 hour and 40 seconds

My stomach was killing me all the way home from work, and I almost didn't run. I sucked it up, and ran a crazy path through parks and neighborhoods, and got back to the house at about the 49 minute mark. I then made a couple of passes through the neighborhood until I eclipsed the 1 hour mark. A big step, but man was I sore at the end. My pace at the end was pretty slow and I had to walk about 20 yards 4 times during the run. I stopped the clock during those parts to ensure that I actually did run for an hour. All in all, must have been 9 minute pace (which frankly I think is pathetic) figure about 6.6 miles. My next long run goal will be to eclipse 7.5 miles. Look for that next Monday.

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Sean said...

Good stuff man!