Thursday, August 04, 2005

Another Personal Best : 53:30 : About 6.25 Miles

Ian and I met at the softball field which is at a trailhead on the Seminole Wekiva Trail. The trail is 14 miles long, paved over an old railroad bed. We ran the trail for about 3 miles, hit 436, ran about 3 miles back on main roads, then did another 1/2 mile on the trail, ending with a short, but steep (for Florida) hill. We started off running about 9:45 pace or so, but picked it up the last 3 miles and BLISTERED our pace from the last long run. I think for a couple of half mile stretches we were closer to 8 minute miles than 9. Got back to the fields and my softball team was there, but the double header I was supposed to play in after the game was cancelled due to lightning. So anyways, my calves were brutally sore the first 2-3 miles as usual, but I felt much better towards the end, and way better than after we did it the first time. 2 weeks and I have lost about a pound, but even I think I look a bit thinner. I think the next couple weeks should see a couple of pounds dissapear. Again, thanks to Ian for pushing me, Sean for pushing me, and Amy for supporting me.

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