Monday, August 15, 2005

Cross-Training (Soccer Scrimmage)

Saturday was spent travelling from 4:45 am - 11:15 pm. No running there. Sunday morning at 10 we had our final soccer tune-up match. We got whooped by a team a division below us. Not very impressive. Soccer is a team sport, and I am bummed we lost, but I was really happy with my fitness and performance. In injury news, I got hacked on my left ankle while clearing a ball about 5 minutes into the is very swollen and bruised, but only sore to the is fine to walk on. I also opened up both knees again (no biggie), and pulled the same neck muscle as last year. The neck is sore, and is my only training concern, but assuming I look ahead while running, it shoulden't set me back either. I am looking at my 5k course down Red Bug and back tonight. Will report in this evening (Monday) on the time.


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