Tuesday, August 09, 2005

4 Miles in 37:46

Today I ran from our house to Nanny and Papa's, which is precisely 4 miles door-to-door. Well thats what I timed, I actually ran another .3 miles to the gym to do some abs with Amy. Running just under 9.5 minute miles, I felt slow, and in fact was slow. I was a bit dissapointed with the run, but I honestly coulden't have done much more timewise. I am going to have to change my diet and get something going in the supplements departement because i literally can't get my legs back to full strength. I am taking today off in hopes of an hour plus run Thursday night. Short run Friday night, and then on SATURDAY I GO TO BOSTON TO PICK UP JULIANA. I am so excited, and I miss her so much its unreal. Seeing her Saturday morning will be one of the happiest days of my life. Its been a month of pure torture without her, but that torture gives me the fire to keep going some days. The physical pain of running is nothing compared to the mental pain of being without Jules for any period of time. But I am determined to make the best of the situation, not let anything bring me down, and channel that pain into making me stronger mentally and physically. My breakthrough comes Thursday, and you read it here first.

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Sean said...

Awesome bro. 1 hour plus tonight, you can do it. On the long runs, the point is to get the mileage done, don't worry about time.