Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Well, a new PR in terms of time. Pretty slow pace. 106 degree heat index. I felt OK, just a bit slow due to the heat. Not sure how far I ran, but at about 9.5 - 9.75 minutes a mile pace, thats pushing 7 miles. The heat sucks, I need to be running 10 miles. I guess I will just pick a later time at night to run next time. All in all I am proud to have run that long, but feel that I am behind pace. I felt Ok..the best part of the run was the digger I took at the 40 minute mark when a sidewalk stone was elevated. I saved it and my knees never hit, but my hands took a couple of hard hits to stay up.

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slick said...

The hurricane should provide some better running weather. Just don't wear white shorts.