Sunday, July 31, 2005

Cross-Training Day

Well, running is helping my soccer a bit. I was using today's scrimmage as a bit of a barometer, and planned to make a final commitment to play (or not) following the scrimmage. Without going into details, I have felt like sh!t most during most of our offseason workouts. I wasn't going to play if I was out of shape, or my age was showing. Anyhow, within 10 minutes I knew that I could run with anyone on the field, and made my decision to play this season. We beat Fiddler's Green 6-5 in a farily relaxed match. The win was nice because we are playing a new formation (3 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 2 strikers), and also because the events of the final weekend of last season saw Fiddler's get promoted while we are stuck to run Division 1. Anyhow, looking forward to a good run tomorrow. While I did this, Sean was playing Oregon Trail:

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Sean said...

Did anyone ever choose "the banker" in Oregon Trail? You started with a ton of money, but couldn't aim worth of $hit once you got into the forest. I'd rather take the money though. Could buy all the stuff at the towns and buy your way across rivers, like the one they are about to approach in the image on Scott's blog.