Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hoops and a Short Run

Haven't played hoops in about year until tonight. I would have rather run, but my co-workers and I have talked about this for about a year now. We had 12 of us out there and we had a good-time. I ran about a half mile when we were done, but it was 100 degrees and I had a one hour drive home ahead of me. Tonight I am running with Ian, a buddy from my soccer team. He has run in two marathons and several adventure races. We talked running for quite a while last night...I think I will run better with someone than I do solo. If I do, I will more agressively pursue this path, as well as joining the Orlando running club.

Current temperature - 93
Run-time temperature - 87 and thunderstorms (running anyways)
Current Weight - 184 (185 yesterday on same scale at same time)

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