Thursday, July 28, 2005

Even more Gooder : 37:01 of Straight Running

Another great day. Woke up feeling good after the longest run of my life. Tonight after work Ian and I proceeded to run about 5 miles in 37:01 with a 108 degree heat index. (I am writing this after 9:00 pm and the temp is 85 while the heat index is 95). We started off nice and easy..somewhere in the 10-minute range. After a mile or two we worked to a pace just over 9 minutes. Finally, we finished with a hard sprint to the neighborhood pool. I was dog-tired after the run and barely got my shoes off before I collapsed in the pool.

I feel good now thanks to some of Amy's now famous chicken pot pie. I am now looking at the possibility of running a 5k Saturday morning. Sleep is the issue, as I would need to leave the house at 5:30 am, or the same time I leave for work every morning. I am pulling just over 5 hours a night, which just isn't enough. My Friday and Saturday night I catch up with a good 8-hour night. In about a month I will be up to running for about two hours. Merely doubling that for sleep isn't gonna cut it!

Stats: Today's weight at the gym: 183

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