Monday, July 25, 2005

3 miles in 26:01

Nice lil improvement...dropped from 10 minute miles or so to under 9. I was able to pick the pace up a little bit and majorly cut back on the walking. All in all I only walked about 75 feet today and that was primarily for some calf stretching. Tomorrow I am playing basketball in Melbourne with co-workers and will try to put in 2-miles or so before I hop in the car to head back to Orlando. In other news, my view of the rocket from the top of my building tomorrow will be phenomenal.

This weekend I played in a softball tournament (batted a perfect 4/4 with 2 walks in two games), and had soccer training from 10-12 Sunday morning. Following soccer I ran 1 mile around the track while everyone else either looked on and laughed or hotfooted it to their AC.

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Sean said...

Nice work brother!