Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Great Progression

Today I ran just under 4 miles. We didn't clock the mileage because we ran quite a bit on trails. The biggest breakthrough.... NO WALKING. We ran for 31:08 straight (the longest I have ever run by far).

I have Ian to thank for this. Ian has run two-marathons and several adventure races and is a natural runner. We met at the house, and he helped me out. Running with a partner made it infinitely easier. We started with about a 9:25 minute mile pace for about 2 miles, kicked it to about 9, and finished at about 8:25 or less. We had a nice hard run for the last 1/3 mile. I felt really good during the run, with just some standard calf pain. I was definitely feeling it for a good 10 minutes after the run...lightheaded with my ears popping a bit.

Ian and I are going to make the training runs a regular practice. Depending on what shape I am in, I am going to head over towards Ian's place for a run tomorrow night.

Random Notes: I bought some protein power after I picked Erin up and had a shake and a little bit of shepherd's pie (turkey not beef) for dinner. I lifted shoulders and back at the gym today. Higher reps and lower weight than normal.

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Sean said...

Awesome bro. Great to see you had a good day on the trails. Seems like in running, there will be plenty of days with crappy weather, stomach aches, hangovers, and other things that make you just want to quit a quarter mile in-----but they are balanced out with the great days like you had today. Sweet work man, keep it up!