Wednesday, September 07, 2005

4 mile run - 31:07 - 2 inches of rain

About 3 minutes into my run, the light drizzle turned into torrential downpour. It was refreshing at first, but at the turnaround (15:21), I had to dodge a car and step into a 3 inch deep puddle. After about 2 minutes of my left foot weighing 2 pounds more than my right foot, I had no choice but to intentionally even out the situation by hitting a puddle with ole rightie. I slowed a bit in the middle, but finished hard for a pretty decent time in any conditions.


Sean said...

Nice man. When you gonna hit double digit mileage? Marathon is 10 weeks away!

Scottie said...

i hit em yesterday bizznitch. I am old and fragile, not young and agile like yourself.