Monday, November 24, 2008

Nike Lunalite Racer+ Review - LunaRacers ROCK!

So I Finally got my Nike Lunarlite Racers. I had seen them back in August when at the Niketown in Boston but did not have any room in my suitcase. I figured I could pick up a pair of the lunalite racers when I got home. After months of searchin the internet, I began to ask myself "Where can I find the Nike Lunarlite Racer?" Everyone was sold out or had size 16's and size 7's. I guess my Nike size 10 is pretty common. Long story short, my girlfriend (THANK YOU) was able to buy me pair from a specialty running store in Arizona. The picture of these shoes shoes my girlfriend's Nike Lunarlite+ Trainers next to my Nike Lunaracers.

After a week of running home to the mailbox, I finally got them. First of all, they aren't called Lunalite for nothing!? UNREAL how lightweight these things are. The Lunaracer weighs just 5.7 ounces thanks to nike's flywire technology and lunar foam (think NASA). It's also compatible with the Nike+ system. The cushioning and support is top notch so far. They can be used for everyday training. From a looks standpoint, I have never gotten more compliments on a running shoe. This is one of the most stylish running shoes I have ever seen. I love my neon yellows!

Keep in miind I am in no way affiliated with Nike, nor do I have any agenda. I just encourage any serious runner to check out the lunalite's, as they are awesome shoes and worth a shot.


Jason said...

I just got the same shoes and I love them. I broke them in with an 11 miler and then a 10 and the shoes feel great. The colors are kinda ugly, but whatever, I run at night.

Rob Leibbrand said...

Hi Scott,

How are the shoes going? I'm looking at getting a pair.

Great blog! Keep up the running :-)


Amy said...

This is great review about Nike running shoes. I like the shoes color and style too amazing.