Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Can you use the Nike Ipod Sport Kit on Any Shoe?

Have a hankering for the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, but don't feel like shelling out nearly 100 clams for those special Nike shoes? Now you can attach the SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter to the shoelaces of any ol' shoes and slip that little sensor inside, for under 12 bucks. Sweet....even though I love my Nikes and my ipod sport kit, but hey if you run in asics or zips you can use the nike+ technology too!

We really like the Nike + iPod sport kit, but the fact that they expect you to buy a special pair of shoes just to use it is pretty weak on Nike's part. We already have shoes that we like just fine, thank you very much Nike. What to do if you want the fun features of the Nike + iPod doodad but don't want to shell out the cash for a new pair of sweatshop-made sneaks?
The horribly named SwitchEasy RunAway AnyShoe Adapter for the iPod Sports Kit takes the little sport kit gadget and makes it fit on any pair of shoes. Clipping handily onto the laces, it'll allow you to track your run and sync up your music with your sad attempt at exercise, just like people who aren't so cheap. Isn't it wonderful? You can pick it up now for a little under $12


DatingSurvival said...

I hope you're gearing back up for the philly marathon. Is 330 still the goal?

Reasons to run philly and other marathons is my latest post. Good luck with the training!

amberorr said...

I'm a big fan of You can get a Nike+ adapter holder for $4.95 to attach to your shoe. Works great!

Ansky said...

Hey Scott, I just saw your blog featured in the Wall St. Journal today.

Keep up the good work.

tshops said...

hi scott -- nice mention in the wall street journal tech column about your site this week! i wanted to tell you about shop it to me running ( as i thought it is a way you can save money on your workout gear--which everyone is excited to hear about these days! let me know if you have questions!

runnerdude said...

Hey man! A friend of mine just put me onto your blog. Wow! I've been looking for fellow IBD runners. I have Ulcerative Colitis and I'm an avid runner and into marathons. I've been reading through your blog and can relate so well. I just ran the Ridge to Bridge Marathon in the Mountains of NC this past weekend. Unfortunately I had a flareup. I still ran but had to bow out at mile 19. Didn't get me down though. I've run 10 marathons 7 of them since I was diagnosed with UC in 2001. I'm hoping to do one in the spring. Keep up the great running man.

Milla said...

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